2019 Client Year in Review

A look back at Wunderkind's 2019 Client Programs

As the new year kicks off into full swing, we wanted to take a look back at the banner year that Wunderkind experienced in 2019. In doing so, we wanted to show special attention to the innovative clients we partnered with over the past twelve months. From key interviews and case studies, to insights into best practices and even co-hosted events, our clients have truly led the industry in showcasing how to create and maintain high-performing digital marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look back at what our clients did.

Unparalleled Client Success

Our north star is always to make sure we’re acting as a true partner to our clients as we meet and exceed their individual ROI goals. Throughout the year, we highlighted some of our clients’ most successful strategies for driving rocket-like business growth.

Clarins Makes Digital Marketing & Retargeting More Efficient & More Dynamic with Wunderkind

Clarins, a leading skincare and makeup brand, partnered with Wunderkind in the UK to boost their identification rate by over 350% and massively grow their marketable email list. This allowed them to drive 13X more revenue over the previous program, and ultimately exceed their ROAS target by 3.3X.


Wunderkind Helps Rag & Bone Scale Digital & DTC Efforts with Identification

Storied luxury clothing brand rag & bone partnered with Wunderkind to boost their identification rate to 35% of site traffic, increasing triggered email traffic by 3.7X and revenue by 6.6X. In total, Wunderkind today drives 7.27% of total digital revenue for rag & bone. rag & bone also partnered with Wunderkind to publish a feature in Women’s Wear Daily highlighting the partnership.

More Effective Digital Remarketing Across Channels for Boston Proper

Women’s clothing brand Boston Proper partnered with Wunderkind to boost their identification rate to 60% of site traffic. Switching from another popular triggered email vendor, Boston Proper more than doubled the performance of their triggered abandonment emails, increasing traffic by 2.8X and resulting in 3X more revenue. In total, Wunderkind drives 18.8% of total digital revenue for Boston Proper.

You can learn more about how our clients have found success with Wunderkind here.

Spotlights on Client Growth

We also wanted to dig deeper to learn more about the marketing strategies and experiences that drive them every day. So we sat down with clients throughout the year to create a series of spotlights on everything from their least favorite buzzword to the one person they’re dying to get coffee with.

Code Freeze as an Opportunity for Alignment with Samsonite

How a company handles Code Freeze reveals the quality of its feedback loop, how it prioritizes business initiatives and its ability to communicate, codify, and align against a company-wide goal. In the words of Jay Nigrelli, VP, eCommerce at Somsonite and a long-time Wunderkind client, “this period can make or break many companies, so maximizing success is critical.”

Stepping into the Future With Weyco Group

We reached out to Ryan Wittmann at Weyco Group to learn why he loves Matthew McConaughey, where you can buy all your necessities in one place (outside of amazon) and why he thinks the term AI is overrated.

Empowering Social Change with The Giving Keys

Rita Zahir of The Giving Keys revealed why she is focused on hyper personalization, why online shopping can fall short of the in-store experience, and how her brand is partnering with amazing women-led organizations to expand and diversify the inspirational fashion they create. We also sat down for a special one-on-one interview with Rita that you can view here.

To check out all of our client spotlights, check out the different pages of our blog here.

Marketing Best Practices

We are constantly learning form our clients. Did you see success promoting a discount and not free shipping? Did you see a higher click-through rate in emails with images of people rather than just products? We are always looking to understand what strategies are making the biggest difference to your marketing efforts.

In 2019, we decided to take this a step further. After identifying a few key clients that drove exceptional results, we decided to sit down with them to discover what strategies or trends they might be following that everyone should replicate.

Kenneth Cole Collection: Powering Social Impact

Retailers like Kenneth Cole, are utilizing digital media to broadcast their company values to their customers and amplify their impact. At this year’s WWD Men’s Wear Summit in New York, T.J. Papp, Vice President of Digital & eCommerce at Kenneth Cole, sat down with Wunderkind’s Jack Riker to discuss how brands can work with technology to supercharge the reach of social impact campaigns.

Ensuring the Holidays are a Success with One Kings Lane

At the 2019 Salesforce Holiday Readiness event in New York City, Wunderkind sat down with seasoned digital marketer Kate Marinaro, Director of Integrated Marketing at One Kings Lane. We chatted about how she is getting ready for the holiday season, and how other retailers can prepare based on historical data and past learnings.

Navigating an Ever Changing Marketing Landscape with Natori

We talk a lot about eCommerce disruptors, but for the majority of retail brands, digital transformation is a balancing act. After two decades of understanding that being online is necessary, legacy brands, who in the past relied solely on wholesale partners or brick-and-mortar channels, are now learning how to optimize their digital channels as a part of their larger marketing strategies.At this year’s Women in Retail Leadership Summit in Miami, Heidi Maund, Director of eCommerce at the Natori Company, sat down to discuss how legacy brands can balance all their channels’ performance across an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Each conversation we had with clients is featured throughout our blog. If you’d like to learn more, you can read them here.

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