Call for Nominations: The 2019 Wunderkind Equality Impact Awards

Nominations are open until August 5th, with winners revealed on August 26.

New York, NY (July 29, 2019) – Today, Wunderkind announced the 2nd annual Wunderkind Equality Impact Awards. Launched in 2018, the awards honor the contributions and leadership of women that are changing historically, and often notoriously, unequal industries.

The awards are given to women in tech, retail and publishing who are breaking glass ceilings, fighting for equal pay, championing diversity and inclusion and ensuring that the workplace is better for themselves and the women who come after them.

Nominations for the Equality Impact Awards are now open to the public and aim to gather a wide range of qualified women and allies. Nominations close August 5 at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be selected by leadership from Wunderkind’s Employee Resource Groups, employee-formed internal organizations focused on increasing engagement, professional development, business impact and allyship.

In addition to their award, the 2019 winners will receive a $100 donation in their name to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization aiming to close the gender gap in technology and increase the number of women in computer science. Wunderkind will also contribute a matching donation for each winner.

In 2018, Wunderkind honored 13 women with the award:

Aliza Licht, Digital/Brand Marketing/PR Executive 

Angela Gruszka, SVP, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce at Milly

Dawn Hayes, Educator, Social Entrepreneur & Creative Technologist at TechHire & Open Code

Elizabeth Windram, VP of Marketing at JetBlue

Emily Culp, CEO at Cover FX Skincare Inc

Gracia Amico, Non-Exec Director at

Kelly Wenzel, Director of Global Marketing at Amazon

Siara Nazir, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Autodesk

Steph Urban, VP, Digital & eCommerce at Tarte

Sutian Dong, Partner at Female Founders Fund

Vanessa Liu, Vice President at

Veronica Gonzalez, Chief of Staff & VP, Head of Business and Legal Affairs at Outbrain

Whitney Hillyer, Former Chief People & Customer Officer at Wunderkind

The 2019 Equality Impact Award winners will be announced on August 26, Women’s Equality Day, and honored at an event hosted in Wunderkind’s One World Trade office on August 28.

Wunderkind began the Equality Impact Awards last year in conjunction with the unveiling of a company-wide policy for equal pay. The company supported the new policy with the signing of two pledges: the White House Equal Pay Pledge and the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Pledge.

By signing these pledges, Wunderkind committed to analyzing company-wide gender pay on a yearly basis, reviewing promotion processes, hiring to minimize unconscious bias and increasing transparency and reporting on diversity and inclusion.

Do you know a woman who should be honored for an Equality Impact Award? Nominate them today.

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