4 Marketing Trends You NEED to Know (and Execute On)

Advice from Wunderkind's forward-thinking tech and marketing experts

Ignore the cliches. January is not the time for New Years resolutions. If you want to make your brand better in 2019, you need to start now.

So, we polled some of our most forward-thinking tech and marketing experts at Wunderkind to get their take on what’s coming next. Get ahead of your goals by exploring the 4 trends they expect to make a huge splash in the coming year. Then get out there and make ‘em happen!

1. From Across the Pond: The GDPR Battle Continues

“With the level of content a consumer sees day in and day out, marketers will be making bigger investments in capturing the consumer as soon as they view content related to their product or as soon as they abandon their cart. With GDPR now in place in Europe, each opt-in holds so much value so sending the right content at the right time is going to be a key focus even in 2019.”

– Shalini Devji, Marketing Director EMEA, Wunderkind

2. From A Tech Guru: Scalable Identification or Bust

“In 2019, scalable identity will be the most essential component of every business online and the center of the hub for every platform and product out there. Scalable identity is knowing online visitors to the level of scale and accuracy similar or comparable to the Walled Gardens like Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Why is Amazon’s buying experience better than everyone else’s? Why is Facebook’s publication discovery better? Because they first and foremost know their visitors on an incredibly granular level. They can then apply the information about what visitors are doing onsite in order to predict what they’ll be interested in or do in the future.

The industry will realize in 2019 that before you can know what your site visitors are doing or will do, you have to know who they are. And if they can’t figure that out, they’ll be even further behind.”

– Steve Dong, VP of Corporate Strategy, Wunderkind

3. From The Data Scientist: Using Models & Machine Learning in Real Time

“Marketers and data scientists are already utilizing machine learning to optimize their technology and campaigns. But as we move forward and grow our understanding in the field, businesses will need to focus on how to use machine learning in real time.

Real-time optimizations done by algorithms will allow marketers to send and optimize campaigns based on what consumers might want next, rather than just based on what they’re doing at the moment.

As enterprises start better understanding and working with the data that customer interactions provides them with, they’ll be able to build automatic campaigns that take individual consumers to the next product cycle. These kinds of discovery and recommendation campaigns are going to power email into the future, offering real-time and even future personalization.”

– Kirill Tsemekhman, VP of Data Science, Wunderkind

4. From the Head of Pubs: Consumer Goods Take Over

“In recent years, publishers have been looking to find new ways of monetization outside pure ads and subscriptions, and we’ve seen a mass increase in the amount of affiliate products sold across publisher sites. But we’re now looking at publishers creating and producing their own consumer goods.

In the next year, I think we’ll see a lot of brands get directly into the consumer goods game, like Hearst did recently with their Backslash Fit yoga mat. With the ability to create goods based on the wealth of data that publishers have, they’ll be able to know what will do well in the market and use their promotional power, both through ads and content, to drive major revenue.”

– Andres Moran, VP of Publishers and Advertisers, Wunderkind


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