Individuality Unleashed: Athletic Apparel Giants Finish Line & JD Sports

E-commerce experienced a boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether retailers were able to keep driving this growth into the future depended on their ability to deliver a great customer experience across digital channels, retaining and growing their customer base. For E-Commerce to keep delivering retailers needed to be as agile as possible in how they interact with customers based on what they know about them, and integrate the digital experience into the physical. 

There is no doubt that since the pandemic, consumers have become more thoughtful with the brands they shop with. Brand loyalty matters more than ever, as shoppers are searching the web for the best deal, from a retailer they trust. With Black Friday and Cyber Week just around the corner, it’s crucial that you’re tapping into what your customers want, when it’s convenient for them. 

Consumer spending has dropped amidst the cost of living crisis, as people have become more frugal with their purchases. In the US, year over year inflation has risen to 9%, the highest on record in decades. Consumers are holding onto their money in a time of economic unease.

The consumer is at the heart of the experience–everything should center around them, so they can reach what they want, where it’s easiest to convert. So how can you reach them?

One-to-one messaging through texts and email can be utilized to deliver offers, sales, communications, and seasonal picks to your customer exactly when they need them. Mass-messaging has limitations at a time where customers are specific with how they spend and with whom, expecting brands to give them a tailored and unique experience more than ever before.

Triggered emails and personalized texts give customers the chance to connect with your products and brand, whether that’s through a cart-abandonment email, or an alert that their favorite brand is having a sale. 

One key element to remember is that in order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to do something different. The old tried and tested methods will no longer work, when you’re in a bid for customers’ attention. The more you’re able to interact with customers as individuals across your channels, delivering messages and experiences based on their unique preferences and activity, the better. 

In the latest episode of our podcast, Individuality Unleashed, we talk to athletic apparel giants, Finish Line & JD Sports to find out how they’ve driven an enormous amount of growth since the pandemic; how they plan to achieve their goals; and continue to lead in the athletic apparel space. What risks did they take, and have they paid off?

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