Client Spotlight: Ryan Wittmann

Marketing Insights from an eCommerce Leader

Every month we spotlight one of our client partners. This month, we chatted with Ryan Wittmann, Senior Marketing Analyst at Weyco Group, about marketing, thought leaders, and, of course, eCommerce.

1. Choose your adventure: what is your favorite, or least favorite, buzzword recently? Explain why.

“AI” is my least favorite buzzword. Here is my version: “All hard work comes from Inside.” Many try to throw advanced techniques and algorithms at problems, when in reality, a lot of these problems could be solved by simply going back to the 4 Ps (Product, Placement, Price and Promotion). Does technology help? Of course! Wunderkind, for example, is a wonderful tool that helps deliver information about your product to the right customer at the right time; however, you still need to have a winning product and know what your brand stands for to be successful. There never will be a substitute for dedicated people.

2. What is the best online or in-store shopping experience you’ve had recently and why?

Putting our phones down for a minute..imagine a store that offered every product you needed. The prices were excellent, you had knowledgeable help, and you could fill up at their pump right after shopping. Don’t forget to grab your free bag of popcorn and $5 off coupon as a thank you for shopping there either!

You’ve just pictured Fleet Farm, a midwestern company that has been delivering simple and genuine experiences since 1955. Their unofficial motto is, “If Fleet Farm doesn’t have it, I don’t need it,” and boy, is it true. In an age of endless choice and indecision and in a time in which people long for simplicity, Fleet Farm delivers necessities, not luxuries, and an in-person experience that connects you to the real world (not just a screen).

My ‘needs’ that I bought at Fleet Farm last time were 4 quarts of motor oil (I change my own oil), a few funnels, FlexSeal (yes…it does work), and a hunting rifle case. Could I have ordered everything from Amazon? Sure. Would it have sat out in the rain yesterday while I was at work? Yes. I’ll support local when I can and continue to shop at Fleet Farm like my father and grandfathers before me.

3. If you could have coffee with any thought leader or executive in the world right now, who would it be?

Matthew McConaughey. Not only is he an Oscar-winning actor and spokesman for Lincoln Motor Company, but in 2016, he became the creative director for Wild Turkey Bourbon. I’m sure a cup of coffee with him would be interstellar.

Bonus: Pitch your product! What have you launched recently and/or what are you really excited about right now as it relates to your brand?

Weyco Group is a holding company for mostly men’s brands of footwear (Florsheim, Stacy Adams, Nunn Bush) and a family brand focusing on boots (Bogs). I’m most excited about the Florsheim Fuel! I personally own 2 pairs now, but because the knit version just came out, I’ll be getting that one as well. Think about a traditional dress shoe on top with a runner’s sole and lots of comfort. If the Cole Haan Zerogrand and Nike Free had a child, it would be the Florsheim Fuel. For the men out there who don’t want to lose comfort to look good, try the Florsheim Fuel. It will fuel your day!


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Taylor Nelson

Taylor Nelson spent the first 6 years of her career partnering with and learning from world-class brands like Unilever, Anheuser-Busch, GE, YETI, TOMS Shoes, and many more; first at Percolate and now at Wunderkind, she enjoys helping clients think about marketing technology as a means of efficient collaboration, systemization, and distribution. Between tech companies, she spent 2 years as a strategy consultant at a boutique firm focused on advising media, tech, and PE, and entertainment business