Wunderkind Market Outlook Report: Special Podcast Episode

Have you checked out the “Individuality Unleashed” podcast yet? Wunderkind recently launched a brand new podcast to help brands keep up with the latest trends, technologies and consumer habits. Each week, marketing experts and industry thought leaders come on the show to help businesses improve their marketing performance and drive growth. In the second episode, host and Senior Director of Marketing at Wunderkind Vern Tremble and Megan Kresinske, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Wunderkind, discuss the key takeaways from the Wunderkind 2022 Market Outlook report.

The exclusive report by Wunderkind lays out simple, actionable steps for increasing customer loyalty and revenue, and outlines key strategies to give retailers a competitive advantage when it comes to planning their upcoming Black Friday – Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaigns. Download the report here or listen to the podcast to hear Megan’s expert summary of the key insights.

Get Ready for Your Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Ever

2021 saw the biggest holiday shopping season in US history, with consumers spending over $200 billion for the first time ever. This year, 2022 holiday sales are predicted to grow by 3% to $1.3t.

We all know that a brand’s marketing performance over the holidays is make-or-break for the entire year, which is why brands should be preparing now to set themselves up for a successful BFCM. As the Wunderkind report shows, it’s not just about Black Friday anymore: 50% of customers start shopping early. In the podcast, Megan dives into key findings from the report to help retailers understand recent changes in consumer behavior and plan their campaigns accordingly so they can drive revenue and customer loyalty this BFCM.

Creating Customer Loyalty Opportunities That Increase Revenue

Customer loyalty should be a key priority considering that 42% of consumers have switched to private label brands this year. If you don’t meet your customers’ needs, someone else will. However, meeting those needs is more challenging than ever. Consumer habits have changed beyond recognition since the pandemic, and continue to remain in a state of flux.

In the podcast, Megan unpacks what’s really important to consumers today, and reveals the biggest trends that should be top-of-mind for retailers this year, like respecting customer privacy concerns, building a strong brand, and leveraging your first-party data and owned channels like Text and email to engage customers in the right way, at the right time.

The Value of Email and Text

Email is the OG – it might not be new and exciting, but it is still the highest-converting channel for almost all brands.

Text is no longer the new kid on the block. 90% of Americans own a smartphone and 80% of consumers expect brands to offer text comms. In the podcast, Megan dives into the best strategies for engaging consumers via owned channels, and why Text is more powerful than social media – even Facebook.

As the leader in high-value, 1-1 messaging, Wunderkind can help you grow your email and Text channels so that they complement each other and drive real business results, which is a real advantage for big campaigns and special offers like BFCM.

Want to Learn More?

Download the Wunderkind 2022 Market Outlook report now at www.wunderkind.co or listen to the podcast episode on your preferred podcast platform, like Spotify or Apple Music, to gain valuable insights and a significant competitive advantage for your holiday campaigns.


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