How to grow revenue while driving social change

How The Giving Keys is using Wunderkind to support their company mission

The Giving Keys is a jewelry company on a mission: a mission to end homelessness through employment in Downtown LA. In the middle of a period of high growth, the company was at a crossroads. Lacking in team resources, The Giving Keys was in need of a partner that could help them scale their business without creating unnecessary strain on their internal resources. The result was more personalized onsite experiences, better visitor identification, massive email list growth and, ultimately, a reliable new revenue stream.

The history and mission of The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys is the brainchild of singer-songwriter and actress Caitlin Crosby. The idea started in the 2000s as Crosby was touring through NY and staying in a hotel where she noticed they were using a real, metal key for their rooms. She liked the idea and began to wear a key around her neck stamped ”Love Your Flawz” as tribute to the organization she started with Academy Award winner Brie Larson to encourage body positivity.

Her first key engraving eventually evolved into making many different keys stamped with phrases like “Love,” “Strength,” and “Let Go” to sell on her tour. The idea was for the wearer to eventually give the key to someone who needed it more when the time was right.

One day Caitlin was walking down the street in LA when she saw a young couple, Rob and Cera, broke, homeless, and asking for money. Invested in their personal stories, Caitlin invited them out to dinner. While there, she found out that Cera was a jewelry maker and she began employing them in her shop. From that point on, Caitlin and The Giving Keys set out to help provide employment to more and more people affected by homelessness while simultaneously creating jewelry aimed at inspiring others to spread feelings of hope and love.

Why The Giving Keys turned to Wunderkind for support

When VP of Marketing & eCommerce Rita Zahir joined The Giving Keys, it was among the leanest eCommerce teams she has led. “As soon as I joined, I knew we’d need to take very swift action to fulfill our goal of social impact through beautiful fashion,” said Zahir.

Prior to joining The Giving Keys, Rita led marketing for two other eCommerce companies using Wunderkind to help reach their performance goals. She felt certain Wunderkind could help The Giving Keys do the same.

However, the business did not have the budget or internal bandwidth to deploy technical partnerships. They knew that whoever they brought on would have to do a lot of the heavy lifting to provide the additional resources her very lean team needed.

In order to get the deal signed, it would be essential to show that there would be an immediate return on investment that outweighed the opportunity cost. They also needed to simultaneously prove that deploying and maintaining the tool would provide support to thin areas of the team without straining them further.

“Wunderkind is one of the few new vendors we’ve rolled out this year,” said Zahir, “but it was worth it. From the level of service, design work, ease of implementation, and testing capabilities, we felt we couldn’t do it without Wunderkind. It helped that I was so confident that this would show immediate return.”

How they achieved these goals

“Our biggest goals were to grow our email base and increase our email capture rate,” says Zahir. Secondarily, she also knew they needed to effectively segment each customer that visited their site to help them create as personalized an experience as possible. “Before Wunderkind, we weren’t running onsite personalization; but Wunderkind makes it incredibly simple. Now, it’s easy for us to tie journeys together across devices to meet the personalization goals we have.”

Once implemented, the results were impressive. “Our email capture rate significantly increased. It was an instant success for us. Once we integrated our Wunderkind campaigns with sales efforts, promotions, and seasonality, the email capture rate shot up to something like 4x higher than we normally see.

Our triggered email revenue also increased significantly upon launch of the program. Having the ability to send to a much greater percentage of people who left our site without purchasing has been the fastest and most efficient way to grow that channel without any internal resources.”

Wrapping it with a bow

For The Giving Keys, the partnership has been pivotal for this holiday season. Recently, they launched their Gifts That Give Back campaign, which encourages participants to spread strength, love, and hope while, most importantly, giving a gift that gives back. “A lot of social enterprises we talk to struggle with focusing on their mission while also running a viable company,” says Zahir. “Social impact companies aren’t nonprofits—they still need to build a business that can afford healthcare and salaries for employees.”

The efficiencies created by the Wunderkind partnership have enabled The Giving Keys to save budget on technical resources and focus their efforts on other company needs. “This holiday season, we can rely on the fact that there’s just as much a commitment to seeing our business succeed as there is for the partnership as a whole.”

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