Two Ways to Grow Your Business

A short list of the best acquisition and retention tactics

As we barrel towards the end of the year, every brand is looking for the new and innovative ways to grow their business during the holidays and in 2019. For retailers, that means finding the best ways to acquire and retain more customers.

But for those who feel like they’ve already tried just about everything, what’s next?

Using our industry expertise, we’ve asked some of our trusted partners for a short list of ideas that can help bring your acquisition and retention efforts to the next level:

Earning More Customers

One of the biggest problems that retailers are facing today is getting qualified traffic to site. As the number of places to advertise grows, the complexity increases. This becomes especially true during the craziness of the holiday season, when promotional strategy tips and “holiday marketing hacks” are a dime a dozen. Who do you listen to? With media budgets increasing, where should the next dollar go?

The fastest-growing retail brands are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they do targeting. And they’re getting more profit out of this traffic using advanced attribution strategies, budget allocation and lifetime-value-based bidding. Many of them throw these out the window during Q4, opting more for strategies based on “what feels right” as opposed to leveraging the data they have to optimize their campaigns for long-term profit.

Customers you acquire during the holiday season will likely behave differently down the line than ones you bring in during more stable periods. They may be less valuable long-term if they’re only coming to you for gifts. If you’re running one-day promotions, you shouldn’t expect as much conversion lift beyond Day 1. And if you don’t have a very giftable product, you may want to sit back and let other brands pay the higher auction prices, while you look to take advantage of cheaper media in late December.

It’s important to leverage these differences during the most crucial time of year. Don’t crack under the pressure and resort to last click tactics when the pressure mounts.

– Contributed by Joe Yakuel, CEO of WITHIN

Winning the Holiday Loyalty and Retention Race

The rush and bustle of the holiday season draws all types of shoppers, but how does your brand know which ones to target for particular campaigns?

If you want to maximize ROI through the holiday timeframe and beyond, you need to utilize unique customer insights to target customers based on preferences, value and frequency. With advanced segments, brands can create amazing holiday campaigns that don’t hook shoppers just once but encourage loyalty throughout the year.

Let’s check out some actionable tactics that you can actually employ this season to boost customer acquisition, optimize customer retention and maximize product sell-through:

  • Versioned gift guides by individual price point (Luxe Steals vs. Gifts Under $50)
  • Holiday reactivation of inactive customers to maximize reach of programmatic retargeting
  • Targeted and multi-channel amplification for high-value shoppers

Even after you’ve acquired those new shoppers during the holiday period, personalized messaging organized by personas or price point can convert one-time buyers into repeat customers. This unique approach to marketing will help you maintain the momentum as we move into the New Year.

– Contributed by Asher Waxman, Director Of Partnerships at Custora


WITHIN is a data-driven digital agency, working with retailers to move away from last-click and CPA-driven strategies. They help you calculate LTV across customer segments and leverage that data across campaigns while implementing true full-funnel attribution.Their bidding and audience-segmentation technology solutions help to maximize ROI for their clients during holiday, whether they are gifting-focused or not.

Coming from the client side (previously at Quidsi and Vitamin Shoppe), Joe Yakuel founded WITHIN to help brands scale customer acquisition on search, social, display, affiliate, podcast, influencer and more. Request a free account audit here to see what they can do for you and your brand.


Custora helps brands turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers. The technology empowers marketers with predictive insights and seamless integrations into every marketing channel.

When used in tandem with Wunderkind, brands can identify more anonymous site visitors, then utilize predictive customer analytics to turn one-time buyers into repeat shoppers by powering personalization at every touchpoint in a customer’s lifecycle. Learn more here.

Learn More About WITHIN & Custora

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