Wunderkind Featured in Raconteur’s ‘Future of Marketing & CX’ Report

Raconteur, in association with the Sunday Times, has this weekend published its 2021 ‘Future of Marketing & Customer Experience’ Report, featuring Wunderkind as a contributor.

Reflecting on a tumultuous 2020 of budget cuts, furlough and redundancies, the report shines a light on how the marketing industry is looking to rebuild in 2021, bringing together a host of different viewpoints on the new challenges facing marketers; from the future of digital advertising without third-party cookies, to improving diversity and inclusion and finding creative ways to improve lead generation.

As part of the report, Wunderkind hosted a roundtable of influential marketing industry leaders to discuss how they are striding into the post-pandemic era, empowered by savvy data use and working with tech partners on their own terms.

The roundtable featured guest speakers Noel Mack (Chief Brand Officer, Gymshark), Katherine Paterson (Customer & Ecommerce Director, Hobbycraft), Gareth Rees-John (Chief Digital Officer, Kurt Geiger) and Kenyatte Nelson (Chief Brand Officer, N Brown), as well as Wunderkind’s General Manager EMEA, Wulfric Light-Wilkinson.

The lively discussion touched on a breadth of topics, including the role of data in brand-consumer relationships, the evolving symbiosis between eCommerce and big tech, and how brands can build sustainable customer loyalty.

For a deep dive into the roundtable insights:

And for a digested read, here are some of our highlights from the conversation:

How Gymshark uses social listening to build an exceptional understanding of its customer

Noel Mack: “We understand so much about our customer because we are D2C. We know buying behaviors, what they like, what they don’t like, because they interact with us literally 24 hours a day, seven days a week on social media, while in our workout app, we can see when a customer’s trained this week. We’re not good marketers, we’re good listeners.”

How Hobbycraft joins the dots between digital and in-store feedback to inform its marketing strategy

Katherine Paterson: “We have the Hobbycraft Club of about five million customers, and while we look at the data all the time, we’ll go to stores and colleagues to fill in the gaps. We will walk a store with customers to get direct feedback on something that we’ve picked up in the data. We’ve got a group of ‘artisan colleagues,’ who are entrepreneurial crafters, who also give ongoing feedback. And it feels more like we’re part of a community, than we are this retailer just selling a product.”

How Kurt Geiger carefully balances its D2C and third-party retail partner offerings to ensure brand alignment

Gareth Rees-John: “We’ve been very careful about who we’re distributing with, to align our core values with the core values of the platform. As we’ve become more focused on having an authentic relationship with the consumer, we don’t want our goods just distributed widely on platforms, who perhaps you don’t fully align to either their pricing strategy or their marketing strategy, or even their core values. Because the reality is whether or not we own the relationship, the customer thinks we do.”

How N Brown is critically evaluating its marketing tech stack and channels to maximise value 

Kenyatte Nelson: “We have a portfolio of brands with different customer bases with different needs. And there’s been a massive proliferation of media channels over the last decade. That poses some challenges for us because you need to be in more places. So as a result, there are parts of our marketing tech stack that we might look at and say we want to own this, we want to build it or buy it. And others we might say we want to ‘rent’ this or use a third party.”

Wunderkind’s view on why brands need to focus on owned channels and lifetime value

Wulfric Light-Wilkinson: “There’s been a shift from working with the big platforms by reacquiring users and making it all very transactional, to really owning those audiences and customers and making them ‘vote for you.’ Lifetime value is the most important thing; if you can get that customer in and care for them, and deliver value with a personalised experience, those are the brands that are going to last.”

To learn more about how Wunderkind helps eCommerce businesses deliver exceptional one-to-one experiences for customers, while growing first-party datasets and dramatically scaling revenue from key owned channels like Email and Text Message, check out our solutions for retailers.


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