Wunderkind Makes Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Companies

Despite the turbulence that rocked many of our worlds almost a year ago, Wunderkind has been on a tear. Not only have we continued to provide unmatched support and unparalleled revenue for our clients, but, we’ve also announced everything from a new product to an acquisition—all while growing at record pace.

During this record growth, Wunderkind CEO, Ryan Urban, sat down with The Top—a podcast hosted by founder and author Nathan Latka to discuss how he launched Wunderkind, how he grew it into a real SaaS business, and how Wunderkind plans to grow 100%+ next year to the show’s 10,000,000 listeners.

In recognition of this growth, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been named to the Latka Top 250 Fastest Growing SaaS companies list. This year, there were over 5,000 companies that applied, with less than 5% qualifying for recognition.

“We went on the offense after COVID hit and turned a trying time into a year of explosive growth, both for us and our clients,” says Ryan Urban. “Our roadmap is focused on introducing new capabilities that can drive even better performance and we look forward to driving even more growth in the new year.”

How We Made the List

Wunderkind combines next-gen identity resolution with world-class strategy to drive up to 25% of total digital revenue for top eCommerce retailers while scaling their marketable lists across channels.

Wunderkind closed out their most recent year with two major announcements. The first is the launching of Wunderkind Text Messaging, the first enterprise SMS marketing solution, which allows brands to provide a superior customer experience by bringing their opt-in and messaging strategy for both email and text under one roof.

The second is the acquisition of SmarterHQ, the leading advanced segmentation and orchestration engine for enterprise eCommerce. This acquisition will speed Wunderkind’s ability to ship new, high-impact products for enterprise retailers. The initial integration will leverage SmarterHQ’s robust segmentation for Wunderkind’s SMS platform, giving top eCommerce brands the customization they need to deliver SMS at scale.

Who is Nathan Latka and How The Rankings Work?

Nathan Latka is a WSJ best-selling author who sold his SaaS company in 2015 before launching his SaaS CEO Podcast and database at GetLatka.com—a private community for SaaS founders and investors.

Each year Nathan compiles and confirms revenue growth data from the most innovative SaaS companies. In total, the top 250 companies do $8.5 billion in revenue, service 2.2 million customers, and have raised a total of $12 billion dollars.

Heard here to see the full list of companies and head here to learn more about why Wunderkind made the list.


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Wunderkind, formerly BounceX

Wunderkind (formerly BounceX) is a leading performance marketing engine that delivers tailored experiences at scale. Digital businesses use Wunderkind to remember who users are better than ever before, allowing them to deliver high-performing, one-to-one messages on websites, through emails and texts, and in ads at a scale that’s not otherwise possible.