Wunderkind Names MarTech Vet Molly Bruttomesso as VP, Customer Success

Bruttomesso brings over 20 years of experience from across Salesforce, Saatchi & Saatchi and Sprinklr to lead MarTech’s top customer success team.

New York, NY (September 17, 2019) – Wunderkind is pleased to announce that they’ve named Molly Bruttomesso as their Vice President of Customer Success. She’ll be responsible for maximizing performance and satisfaction for the company’s impressive roster of global brands.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Bruttomesso cut her teeth in the advertising world at Saatchi & Saatchi and BBDO on some of the world’s biggest accounts. In 2012, Molly joined Salesforce as VP of Customer Success for Marketing Cloud overseeing their Radian 6 and Buddy Media acquisitions. From there she moved to Sprinklr where she scaled the strategic team, working with accounts like Microsoft, Apple and Nike.

Bruttomesso originally joined Wunderkind in March 2019 as Associate Vice President overseeing the strategic accounts team, but the near-immediate positive impact driven by her uniquely diverse industry experience encouraged the company to quickly expand her responsibilities.

“In my years in this industry, I’ve never seen a company more obsessed with customer performance than Wunderkind,” Bruttomesso explained. “We want to help solve all of the business challenges that keep retailers up at night. But I also want to grow and maintain the art of customer service at Wunderkind.”

Wunderkind has a robust team of 71 customer success managers working with an elite group of almost 400 clients.

“We’re always looking for ways to do even more for our clients, and that’s what drove us to bring Molly on and promote her so quickly,” Wunderkind CEO Ryan Urban said. “Her experience on both the agency and tech sides combined with her undeniable drive will help us elevate an already world-class customer success team. This is an exciting move for Wunderkind and our clients.”

To learn more about Molly, read her Q&A below.

Q&A with Molly Bruttomesso

1. Why did you join Wunderkind?

I came to Wunderkind for the top-tier clients, the values-driven culture and the focus on performance. In tech, there can be a lot of vaporware and talk of long-term dreams, but at Wunderkind, I saw the ability to drive immediate, tangible results.

2. What’s your unique philosophy on customer success?

You have to balance the art and science of customer success. The data and science are incredibly important, and I see them as the canvas. Then, you need an artist to work with the clients to bring that canvas to life. And that means being creative about strategies and how you can use a product to achieve the customers’ largest and most strategic goals.

3. As someone who joined an already high-functioning CS team, what stood out to you about Wunderkind’s team?

Wunderkind has incredible values, and I think that the customer success team really drives those values. The team is known for their “Come Hungry” attitude, which correlates to a growth mindset. When I first joined, I was so struck by just how much everyone on the team wanted to help, learn and grow. They were already incredibly successful, and when I joined, they still were so curious about what they could learn from me and what new approaches I could bring to the table. That attitude is what makes them so successful. As a team, they always “Drive Undeniable Performance,” but they also aren’t afraid to take risks and try new ideas.

Our team is also known throughout the industry for the core value, “Respect People, Privacy, Ideas.” Many of the team are core members and leaders in our Employee Resource Groups. And they lead that diversity of thought on the client level, too. For example, some of the social good work we’ve done with clients like Kenneth Cole has been really exciting.

4. What opportunities do you see for the customer success team to drive more value for our clients?

We drive such incredible performance, but sometimes we’re so laser-focused on revenue that we speak only in performance marketing terms like ROAS. But CEOs and CMOs have all these diverse strategic objectives like personalization and seamless customer experience, and Wunderkind is incredible at driving these as well, but we don’t always show how we can deliver on these priorities.

My background is in brand marketing, and I think the silos of performance marketing and brand marketing have become cumbersome to growth. Breaking down the divide between brand marketing and performance marketing and moving out of the mindset that the two fight each other is one of the critical areas for the success of our customers and Wunderkind. We don’t want it to be seen as performance marketing fighting brand marketing but as performance marketing helping to grow the brand and working alongside it.

5. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I’ve been to 78 countries around the world and plan on going to many more. I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and growing up, I always wanted to travel. Nothing makes me happier than being in small villages talking to people about their lives. I was the first woman under 35 to achieve 1 million miles on Delta, and they put in the magazine.

6. Is there anything else Wunderkind customers should know?

SaaS has a tendency to be customer success robots, and at Wunderkind we really aren’t. And I really want clients to get that full experience by coming to the office. If they can’t come to the office, we’d love to bring that experience to them. Please reach out if you want to chat: molly.bruttomesso@bouncex.com

About Wunderkind

Wunderkind is an international marketing technology solution that brings a “logged-in” experience to logged-out website visitors across all their devices. A category leader in device identity resolution, Wunderkind helps companies like Uniqlo, HelloFresh and Tribune Interactive orchestrate real-time, multichannel marketing programs customized for the individual behind each device. They’re best known for their impact on triggered email performance and website personalization.

Having raised over $44.9 million in funding from proven firms like Battery Ventures, Cross Creek Advisors and Primary Ventures, Wunderkind was named the Fastest Growing Software Company in America by Inc Magazine. With headquarters in New York and London, Wunderkind has been recognized by Glassdoor and Crain’s for its exceptional culture and being one of the top places to work in the country. The company recently signed both the White House Equal Pay Pledge and the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Pledge and continues to set the bar as a pioneer in technology innovation and workplace inclusion initiatives.


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