Introducing Journey Maps

Get a holistic understanding of your marketing campaigns & UX

As a marketer, you know personalized campaigns are king. And as you continue to improve your efforts in this realm, more personalization means more granularly defined segments and more unique experiences. Keeping track of them all can be a massive challenge for already-strapped marketers.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Journey Maps—an interactive feature that shows every campaign your brand is running both on- and off-site on a per shopper basis.

Last month we launched bxConnect, which allows our customers to see how all of their campaigns are performing. Journey Maps takes that functionality to the next level, giving you an at-a-glance understanding of what you’re running through Wunderkind at any given moment and allowing you to holistically view the customer journey.

With Journey Maps, customers can expect to:

1. Understand how visitors interact with campaigns: The top of the map shows you which campaigns specific visitors are eligible for and receiving on site and via email and push. For example, how does your brand’s site treat an unidentified prospect versus a returning customer? Journey Maps can show you in detail.

2. Make connections: Click into each campaign block to get under the hood of every experience. Here you can see segmentation, variations, triggers and a view of the creative.

3. Find opportunities for improvement: By understanding what is running on your site right now, and for who, you will be able to clearly see if you’re successfully utilizing all of Wunderkind’s best strategies and fill in any holes in the customer experience with ease.

Journey Maps offer a clear understanding of all of your brand’s campaigns, allowing you to understand how you’re treating your site visitors and where you can improve their experiences. It’s easy-to-use interface gives you an even deeper understanding of Wunderkind’s impact on digital marketing and helps you maintain control over all your marketing efforts.

We’ll be releasing more exciting new features for bxConnect in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more.

Ready to see Journey Maps live? Log in now. Not a customer yet? Get in touch.


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Kate Braner

Kate Braner leads the Product Marketing division at Wunderkind as Senior Product Marketing Manager. She is responsible for bringing all Wunderkind products to market, as well as creating messaging and collateral for existing products.