Wunderkind Partners with Stylitics to Inspire High Intent Shoppers with Outfitting Content

Brands spend a lot of time focused on how to encourage users to complete a purchase. However, they often find that they can’t reach enough of their customers and the messaging and content used is falling short. With the right tools, top retailers can not only better identify and reach their customers, but also provide diverse, helpful content, to help consumers make a purchase decision. The partnership between Stylitics and Wunderkind helps brands do just that. 

Wunderkind identification technology drives unmatched scale for high-performing one-to-one emails. Now, with Stylitics, clients can pair that scale with highly engaging and relevant content.  When users see items paired together, it provides inspiration and contextualizes a purchase. 

To learn more, see below for a Q&A between Richard Jones, CMO of Wunderkind, and Rohan Deuskar, CEO of Stylitics. 

Richard: Rohan, great to have you with us today. Tell us – why are you excited about this partnership?

Rohan: What’s exciting is that we are bringing together two of the best performing technologies in retail – 1:1 scaleable emails and personalized outfitting recommendations – into a single experience. Retailers have seen these two solutions work independently, but bringing them together allows brands to get more than the sum of the individual parts. And the partnership between Wunderkind and Stylitics means that getting this going is low lift for the retailer. At a time when resources are tight, that’s a huge bonus.

Richard: So let’s break this down for our readers. How does Wunderkind and Stylitics work together in a real world example?

Rohan: It is pretty straightforward. If a customer views or carts an item but ultimately decides not to purchase (whether because they were distracted or uncertain if it was the right product for them), Wunderkind’s proprietary identity management technology will be able to pair that customer’s activity and interest with their email address to send a reminder email to re-engage that customer. And by auto-populating Stylitics’ outfitting content into Wunderkind’s email, the customer will see the item they abandoned in a new light with inspiration on how to style it. We’ve seen AOV and  conversion rates go up in 1:1 emails when outfitting content is included.

Richard: Why is a solution like Stylitics important to eCommerce brands?

Rohan: Stylitics exists to help inspire and guide the online shopper by showing them how to style a product. The fundamental constant we’ve seen across 50B sessions and 3,000+ brands is that when you show a customer how to style a product – whether that’s a dress or a sofa – they’re more likely to buy the product AND more likely to buy the products that it’s paired with. Topline revenue goes up because conversion and average order values go up. 

The other benefit is that Stylitics is not just a technology solution, but a shoppable content solution. We typically generate more inspiring digital content in a week than retailers can shoot in a studio in a year and for a fraction of the price. This ability to generate on-demand content for effectively zero additional cost means that all the marketing and digital channels – like 1:1 emails – can get fresh, beautiful content from Stylitics without needed models, studios, lead times, etc.

Richard: Lastly, What makes you most excited about the future of Stylitics?

Rohan: As a founder, one of the most rewarding things has been to see the number of different and inspiring ways our retail customers have used outfitting and bundling across the customer journey. I’ve always said that outfitting content, when it is visual and high-quality, adds another color in retailer’s paint box. You can start to tell new stories, bring life to static experiences, and really change the whole site and digital experience to be more visual and inspiring.

We have an innovative roadmap with an open invitation for major retailers to push the boundaries of how they provide inspiration and showcase their items. We are expanding our partners with high-performing companies, like Wunderkind, and finding new ways to share our content with consumers. And lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the team we are building. Our world-class team paired with our enterprise technology provides extreme value to brands and we are excited to offer this to Wunderkind customers. 

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