How to Maximise Text Performance

How Winning Marketers Maximise Text Performance

Email has historically been the primary owned-channel for retail. This is because brands who did attempt Text years ago didn’t have the ubiquity of internet enabled smartphones. They were doomed to fail on the channel. However, the cautionary tale of Text marketing is a thing of the past as user behaviour has officially caught up. This doesn’t mean, though, that all Text programs are created equally. The winning retailers have built Text strategies that drive incremental revenue for their company without cannibalising their email efforts—not something easily done on your own.

In this guide we cover:

  • The advantages to Text marketing that many retailers haven’t been taking advantage of.
  • How owned-channel marketing can help you drive more conversions at lower costs than display or social media.
  • Why Text works; for You and Your Customers
  • How Case-Mate was able to drive nearly 20% of their digital revenue through Text and triggered email combined.
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