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Owning Your Owned Channels

Year-over-year the eCommerce has seen online shopping and revenue increase their portion of revenue when compared to bricks-and-mortar—a trend that’s only been compounded after the emergence of COVID-19. Yet, while more and more shoppers are turning their attention to the digital sphere, the same can be said of retailers—leading to an oversaturation across the web.

To combat this, it’s best move your focus away from pricey, competition-dependent channels like paid search and display. Instead, retailers should look inward to what they can own, control, and action on—their owned channel marketing efforts. In this three-part guide, we teamed up with marketing experts from Attraqt & Crank to help you understand, the following:

  • How to use your data to determine where your leaks are in your onsite conversion funnel.
  • How to better connect all elements of your onsite shopping experience to influence more purchases.
  • How to optimise your onsite identification in order to send more personalised one-to-one messages to users who don’t initially convert.
  • And more!
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