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Netherlands: Countdown to 2024

Google has announced that it is delaying its plans to phase out third-party cookies from its Chrome browser, granting a much-discussed extension to 2024. Despite this reprieve, the next year will likely see a significant shift in how marketers target, segment and engage with their audiences.

Focusing on the eCommerce landscape in the Netherlands, we’ve put together a comprehensive report on personalisation, marketing and the drive for first-party data in retail, as the industry moves toward a cookie-less future – informed by insights from a survey of 500 Dutch consumers and a panel of 30 local eCommerce leaders.

Download this report to learn:

  • How retailers can adapt their digital strategies to prioritise 1st and “zero-party” data for sustainable growth in a post-cookie landscape
  • Why personalisation is still on the agenda – and exactly what consumers expect from brands when it comes to digital communication
  • How leading brands including G-STAR RAW and Clarins are using Wunderkind to overcome barriers including cookie-dependent technology and reliance on authentication events to remarket to customers
Download the report
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