From Unknown Visitor to Loyal Customer

We all know why retail and eCommerce businesses have seen huge surges inactivity. Please don’t make us say the word again. It rhymes with provide mine-teen…

First-time visitors and even first time buyers, actually present a huge challenge. Because the real value is in turning these one-off wonders into a second time, the third time, and lifetime customers. So, how are leading brands tackling this? 

Join Ryan Urban (CEO, Bounce X) and Alex Timlin (SVP Retail, Emarsys) as they explore global trends and insights shaping retail and eCommerce, and share how savvy brands are maximizing this consumer shift to online by:


  • Effectively moving from unknown visitors to identified customers
  • Utilizing 1st party customer, product & sales data to deliver personalized experiences
  • Delivering empathetic re-engagement strategies that turn 1st-time buyers to repeat customers 
  • Utilizing smart segmentation to drive 1:1 omnichannel customer engagement  
  • Leveraging automation to scale & optimize personalized interactions
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