99 Bikes | Case Study

99 Bikes Drives 6% of Total Digital Revenue from Wunderkind


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


paid revenue channel in Google Analytics


return on investment with Wunderkind (44x lift in email performance over previous solution)


Our biggest objective is to replicate the in-store experience online. Whilst we know this is a challenge, Wunderkind have helped us speak to our customers, at scale, through a channel that we know our customers are receptive to. By recognising more of our site traffic, we’ve been able to send more high-converting emails, unlocking revenue across the full-funnel, more efficiently. This was particularly important to us, given our higher consideration purchase.”


The 99 Bikes website is an extension of the retailer’s stores, often acting as the first touch in a customer’s purchase life cycle, so it’s critical that this channel is maximised, to increase the number of conversions – while ultimately delivering a frictionless experience for customers. 99 Bikes was also looking to improve conversion across its email channel, and as part of this, removed circa 100k subscribers from its database to cleanse and improve engagement.


In looking for a solution partner, 99 Bikes needed a technology that fitted into its existing stack, that was easy to implement and would not require extensive development resources. Most importantly, it required a partner with specialist experience in tapping the potential of email as an efficient, high-converting channel – while acting as an extension of the retailer’s team. Wunderkind fulfilled this promise, using brand-sensitive on-site deployments to significantly increase the retailer’s first-party email capture rate – and leveraging its Identity Network to dramatically scale triggered, personalised abandoned cart, product and category messaging via email.


With Wunderkind, 99 Bikes has been able to accelerate its digital growth and achieve a level of scale from its email channel that would not otherwise be possible. This has resulted in Wunderkind driving 6.14% of the retailer’s overall digital revenues, ranking as its #3 paid channel in Google Analytics. Since go-live, Wunderkind has already played a huge part in replenishing the 99 Bikes database, by adding circa 30k new email addresses.