Wunderkind vs Bluecore

3 ways Wunderkind unlocks more revenue for online retailers


Earn up to 4x more revenue than Bluecore from triggered email


Identify 3-6x more of your traffic, without relying on cookies


We contractually guarantee a lift in revenue — Bluecore won't
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eCommerce retailers choose Wunderkind

See up to 4.75x lift in

triggered email revenue vs Bluecore


*Compares US performance of Bluecore abandonment triggered emails alone prior to adding Wunderkind

Wunderkind identifies millions more of your visitors, unlocking millions more in revenue

Bluecore’s identity database is smaller than Wunderkind’s and relies on cookies, which means lost opportunities over time.
Wunderkind identifies more anonymous traffic, allowing you to send more 1-to-1 messages that drive new and repeat purchases.

6x increase in on-site identification

Go from knowing who 1 in 20 visitors are to 1 in 3 visitors

3-5x more emails captured

Scale your list growth rate with email and test capture strategies

Non-cookie reliant Identity Network

Trillions of events processed, across tens of billions of profiles

16x your total last click ROAS

Wunderkind generates more bang for your buck than other channels

Unlike Bluecore

Wunderkind guarantees



We’ll drive 6-15% of total digital revenue from triggered abandonment emails only.

On average, it takes us 1 month to reach your guaranteed performance. If your targets are not met, we run for free until they are.

Send triggered emails to more users than ever before

Wunderkind identifies more of the traffic that's on your site and their behaviors. Send the right email, with the right offer, at the right time to drive re-engagement and purchases.

Abandonment Emails

They are highly personalized and well-timed, but usually drive only 1-2% of revenue due to identification limits. The Wunderkind Identity Network increases traffic identification, scaling these emails to 6-10% of total digital revenue, measured by last-click analytics.

Catalog Emails

These emails re-engage visitors by bringing them back to the site after product feed changes. Wunderkind tailors best practices to fit each client’s needs, selecting relevant modules, customizing thresholds and lookback windows, and segmenting emails for targeted messaging.

Switched from bluecore to Wunderkind

“We were able to increase the send volume of our site abandonment emails by 300% with Wunderkind."

Senior Director of Marketing
15-20% lift
in total revenue
300% lift
in volume of website abandonment emails

Drive 5-10% of your total digital revenue with Wunderkind text

Wunderkind identifies, opts-in, and re-engages more of your subscribers with high-converting messages.

“Wunderkind has been an incredible tool to ensure that we’re maximizing our spend. They help us bring consumers back to site with thoughtful experiences based on intent they’ve shown on our website."

VP of Digital


of total digital revenue driven by text


YoY growth in revenue driven by Wunderkind

Grow your email and text subscribers 5x faster

Leverage hundreds of behavioral triggers and segmentation options to show the right message when users are most likely to opt-in.

“We're expecting roughly 71% more leads using Wunderkind for list growth and we're over halfway to hitting that number after five months. In terms of revenue, we’re already outperforming the initial estimate.”

Senior Global CRM Manager


increase in triggered email performance


higher list growth performance than the goal at launch

Wunderkind Vs Bluecore

Performance and feature comparison


$5 billion in revenue generated for online retailers in 2023

Brands that switched from Bluecore to Wunderkind and improved their performance marketing results

White glove migration from Bluecore

We’ll only ask you to place a pixel on your site. The Wunderkind team takes care of strategy, copywriting, development, quality assurance testing, and campaign activation.

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