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Wunderkind is an AI-powered performance marketing engine that recognizes more of your website traffic, so you can send more personalized, 1:1 emails and text messages that drive efficient revenue performance. We host the largest first-party data set out of any comparable solution on the market, serving as a top tier revenue driver for leading eCommerce retailers like Macy’s, HelloFresh, TJX, Uniqlo, and One Kings Lane. Integrating with all major ESPs and eCommerce platforms, we’re permission-based, privacy-compliant, and not reliant on third-party cookies. Our AI-driven marketing engine applies adaptive learning and decisioning to create authentic connections and experiences for your customers.

We’ve spent the last decade developing the industry’s leading Identity Network.

The Wunderkind Identity Network recognizes over 9 billion consumer devices and 1 billion opted-in consumer profiles and stores them in our Identity Graph. That’s 30% to 50% more identified consumer profiles than leading ESPs. We also observe trillions of digital events per year, adding more context to our consumer graph.

Unlike other solutions, Wunderkind’s Identity Network is built on first-party data and is not dependent on outside vendors or third-party cookies.


This is what your website looks like today. If you’re relying on cookies and first-party data alone, you’re leaving dollars on the table.

Our vast and proprietary consumer data allows us to understand when and how to drive an acquisition offer to your site traffic, ultimately growing your marketable database up to 10x more efficiently than your existing ESP. Our first-party Identity Network, paired with strategy playbooks refined by over a decade of learning, means more captured contacts at a higher quality and increased owned channel performance. That’s how we drive over $5 Billion in revenue across nearly 9 billion triggered messages per year.

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Driving meaningful, measurable outcomes for our clients.

You can't send someone a triggered email if you don't know who they are. We place our tag and pixel on your site, allowing the Wunderkind Identity Network to enhance known customer profiles and identify a significant amount of your anonymized website traffic. We process trillions of events across tens of billions of browsing profiles, giving us an unmatched understanding of consumers. With this robust data available to our AI engine, Wunderkind can scale targeted and personalized email and text sends that drive unrivaled returns for our clients.

The Future is Wunderful

Now that you know what we’re capable of today, here’s where we’re doubling down on our innovation. We are expanding our best-in-class Wunderkind Identity Network while unleashing even more AI-driven capabilities to take advantage of its ability to scale personalized experiences. We believe the standard of journey orchestration today is outdated. AI brings the ability to understand billions of consumers and create truly unique brand experiences in real-time. Wunderkind’s platform, rooted in data-powered AI, knows exactly where consumers want to go, sometimes even before they do. Our autonomous marketing engine applies adaptive learning and decisioning to proactively elevate performance by creating uniquely authentic connections and experiences at scale.

artist and innovator

We drive meaningful, measurable outcomes for your business.

With identity and permissioning at the heart of our business, Wunderkind has the data and expertise to help you scale owned revenue channels while providing a premium experience for your customers, all while guaranteeing a lift in revenue. At its core, our product suite offers three solutions: email, text, and list growth experiences.


of combined total digital eCommerce revenue driven with Wunderkind Text and Email

Wunderkind Pillars of Success

Never Sacrificing Compliance, Privacy, or User Choice

We only collect anonymous or pseudonymous data, and we don’t collect or store Personal Identifiable Information (PII), personal health information, credit card information, or derivatives.

We abide by the code promulgated by the Digital Advertising Alliance and are GDPR, CCPA, and CASL compliant. We’re also members of the NAI, IAB, and EDAA.

Wunderkind is platform-agnostic and seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack

The last thing your team needs is another set-and-forget tool.

The last thing your team needs is another set-and-forget tool.

Our full-service management philosophy is rooted in performance achievement, collaboration, and innovation.

Your Wunderkind Professional Services team will recommend strategies and tests, own the end-to-end execution of your campaigns, and ensure an optimal user experience throughout our partnership. Our full-service model is key to the success of our clients, providing deep expertise to ensure that every dollar of revenue we promise is delivered.

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