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Wunderkind Helps rag & bone Scale Digital & DTC Efforts with Identification

Storied luxury clothing brand rag & bone partnered with Wunderkind to boost their identification rate to 35% of site traffic, increasing triggered email traffic by 3.7x and revenue by 6.6x. In total, Wunderkind today drives 7.27% of total digital revenue for rag & bone via triggered email through their integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind email


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind Texts alone


YoY growth in revenue driven by Wunderkind


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Onsite Identification
Email Acquisition

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Triggered Email

Wunderkind has been an incredible tool to ensure that we’re maximizing our spend. They help us bring consumers back to site with thoughtful experiences based on intent they’ve shown on our website.

Aaron Detrick, VP of Digital at rag & bone


A Top Priority: Email & rag & bone

Since 2002, New York-based luxury brand rag & bone has distinguished itself by combining British heritage with directional, modern design. While traditionally focusing on wholesale, the rise of direct-to-consumer brands in the market led rag & bone to seek a new way to connect with their shoppers. But growing DTC presented new, unfamiliar challenges. The team at rag & bone found that the most popular paid channels favored the lower price points of these competitive startups.

“There’s a lot of challenges that come along with trying to transition from a wholesale-led model to a more DTC focused one,” explained Aaron Detrick, VP of Digital at rag & bone. “You’re competing with these DTC, digital-first companies who are inherently born with different ways of working, and frankly, often have cheaper products. In luxury, acquiring customers and dealing with the conversion rates that come at such a high-price-point business is very different.” They identified abandonment emails as a cost-effective way to convert customers in the luxury market, but with only an 8% identification rate, limited scale kept that channel from being a true difference maker.


Powering 1:1 Marketing with Shopper Identification

So, rag & bone turned to Wunderkind to better identify, understand and directly remarket to their onsite shoppers. Now, the brand is able to identify over 40% of their site traffic and send personalized triggered emails that help push shoppers down the conversion funnel. Importantly, these personalized messages are integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud so rag & bone has insight into the full customer journey. “Wunderkind’s key benefit is identification,” Detrick said. “With Wunderkind, we can remarket to shoppers in a relevant, personal, and timely way. Our volume of connections with our shoppers has gone way up because of the identification that Wunderkind brings to our online business.”


Opening a Whole New Revenue Channel for rag & bone

Using Wunderkind’s identity network and hands-on expertise, rag & bone was able to deanonymize 35% of their site traffic, increasing triggered email reach by 3.7x and revenue by 6.6x over the brand’s previous solution. Today Wunderkind drives 7.27% of total digital revenue for the brand, at a return that exceeds their target ROAS by 26x.

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