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Wunderkind’s Identity Network, coupled with expansive proprietary data sets and an advanced AI engine, helps event and ticketing organizations capture first-party data at scale and deliver personalized triggered messaging across channels that boosts revenue, guaranteed.


Why Choose Wunderkind?

Wunderkind is the preferred choice for ticketing and event organizations, thanks to our exceptional data assets feeding our AI engine which delivers unrivaled performance and a guaranteed lift in revenue. With trillions of eCommerce interactions observed per year, almost a billion opted-in consumer profiles, and the Wunderkind Identity Network recognizing over 9 billion devices, our data serves as the cornerstone of our success.

This data + AI approach, coupled with 13 years of best practice experience, enables us to consistently outperform existing SaaS platforms and generate billions in revenue for our clients. Importantly, there’s no need for event and ticketing orgs to rip and replace their current CDP or ESP for Wunderkind – we seamlessly integrate and supercharge your existing systems, resulting in a perfect match up for building long term customer relationships and higher customer lifetime value.

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Engaging your customers with events and entertainment

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Online Event Ticketing Market size is expected to grow from $77B to $97B by 2028 (Global News Wire)
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Growth in mobile ticket purchases is expected rise by 7% by 2025 (Grand View Research)
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The optimal booking window includes a 3-month 'peak' period (Eventbrite)

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Wunderkind is platform-agnostic and seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

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