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Text Messages & Email Combine to Drive 19% of Digital Revenue for Case-Mate

>Case-Mate, who makes durable & fashionable cases for phones and accessories, had a desire to improve their customer acquisition efforts. While they were driving significant growth through Wunderkind email, they knew they’d have to activate additional communication channels to meet their yearly revenue goals. The only choice for Case-Mate? Wunderkind Text messaging. Initial implementation saw Wunderkind triggered email and text messaging campaigns drive over 19% of Case-Mate’s total digital revenue—with text messaging contributing to nearly 12% of total revenue.>> >


digital revenue from Text Messaging


paid channel through Text Messaging and email


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind email and Text Messaging


We were seeing great results when we were just running triggered emails with Wunderkind. But, after combining email and text messages, we were shocked to see how quickly we were able to more than double that previous revenue. Being able to reach our customers across channels has helped us create truly effective one-to-one marketing messaging.”


Since 2005, Case-Mate has been the design leader in durable, stylish cases for your phone, watch bands, and Airpods. Since the brand’s inception, Case-Mate consistently enjoyed YoY revenue growth as they expanded their product suite, collaborations, and market share. But they were experiencing an issue. “Our customer acquisition efforts were reliant on email so we were looking for a way to diversify our channels,” said Robert Pierce, who is the eCommerce Operations Manager at Case-Mate. “Wunderkind increased our transactions from email six-fold within the first month so we loved the performance. But we needed to find a way to capitalize on it and drive continued growth.”


Case-Mate set to work doing research around which channels would perform the best against their marketing goals. “What we love about Wunderkind is their identification capabilities and how it enables us to create truly one-to-one marketing messages,” said Pierce. “So we knew that whatever channels we added in had to be able to maximize those capabilities.” In the midst of research they came across information showing open rates of around 100% for text messages. “We loved the high open rates of text messages and how it enabled us to get face-to-face with our customers and even interact with them through text exchanges or actionable CTA links.” When Wunderkind unleashed their new Text message product, Case-Mate was first in line. With this new ability to reach their customers with tailored messaging both online and on their phones, digital performance skyrocketed almost immediately.


With the combined power of triggered email and text messaging, the case maker has seen massive results. In the past month, Wunderkind drove over 19% of total digital revenue for Case-Mate, with text messages alone contributing to nearly 12% of Case-Mate’s online revenue over the same time period. But the performance didn’t stop there. Even today, the combination of both channels in Case-Mate’s marketing strategy has led to Wunderkind being the number one paid marketing channel when it comes to driving revenue. “With email and text messaging working together, we’re truly able to create a one-to-one marketing experience for our customers,” said Pierce, “and we can’t wait to continue our partnership to find new ways to drive performance in the future.”

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