How to Improve Text Message Visibility with Contact Cards

As traditional paid channels such as Google and Meta become more expensive and ineffective, brands are increasingly turning to text message marketing as a highly personalized way to connect with customers and increase revenue. With more brands investing in text marketing than ever before, consumers are more likely to receive marketing messages from multiple brands on a daily basis.

To continue driving revenue and engagement through this channel, you’ll need to break through the noise of other senders and make your brand name known with contact cards. 

What are Contact Cards (vCards)?

Contact cards are used to invite mobile subscribers to add your phone number as a contact so that they know the text is from you as soon as they receive it. Contact cards also aid in the visibility of your text messages, as iOS updates allow subscribers to filter unknown senders. 

Why Should I Use Contact Cards?

  • Stay visible – Ensure your messages are distinguishable from other brands which land in your customers’ messages so that you can drive more revenue. Contact cards encourage your text subscribers to save your brand as a contact, so when they receive messages they know exactly who it is and you won’t be automatically marked as spam.
  • Drive loyaltyWhen you send your contact card, consider it an opportunity to expand and strengthen your relationship with your mobile subscribers. You can remind them of the perks they’ll receive like first access to sales, re-stocked items, and discount codes.
  • Avoid iOS update filters – New iOS updates allow users the ability to filter unknown senders, similar to an email ‘junk’ folder. To avoid customers filtering your messages and never opening them, ensure you’re in their contacts. 


How To Make Your Contact Card

In contact cards, you’ll have the ability to add the following fields based on what information you think is most relevant to your subscribers. 

  • Contact image (required): Include your logo or an easily recognizable image to help your customers find you
  • Contact Display Name (required): Your brand name, or a nickname your subscribers might have for your brand
  • Contact Phone Number (required): Your 5-digit shortcode
  • Company Email (optional): Your subscribers can easily contact you using the company email address listed in their contact profile 
  • Company URL (optional): Add a link to your website 

Leverage Incentives to Increase Contact Card Engagement

Send your contact card in an On-Demand blast to existing text subscribers and make things official. Like On-Demand, it’s important to provide value at every touch point. Make it a point to tell your subscribers what’s in it for them–such as exclusive offers they won’t miss when they add you to their contacts. 

You can also prompt text subscribers to add your brand name as a contact with engaging auto-replies. Consider providing an incentive in exchange for saving your contact card. 

For example, ‘Hey there! Did you know saving our contact ensures you don’t miss out on exclusive offers, product launches, and more? Reply CONTACT to add us and unlock free shipping on your next order.’

By priming users with an auto-reply message, you can increase the rate at which they add the contact to their phones and see more of your marketing texts. You can always follow up with a thank-you discount code, once they’ve texted the appropriate keyword to your shortcode.

Welcome Messaging 

Increase text message visibility to new text message subscribers by including contact cards in your first touch-points. This will ensure they expect to receive and continue to engage with your messages in the future. 

By incorporating auto-replies you can encourage new subscribers to add you to their contacts when they join to unlock a welcome offer. In our upcoming release, you will have even more flexibility to integrate contact cards into your welcome flow.  

And remember, maintain compliance by including contact cards within the legal disclaimer ONLY succeeding a double-opt-in. 

Wunderkind Contact Card Functionality 

Wunderkind’s new contact card feature ensures long-term visibility, loyalty, and engagement with your text subscribers. Don’t let your text messages get lost in the post! 


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