One Size Fits All

Identification Is The Quickest Way to Solve All Of Your Revenue Issues

One size rarely fits all. And it certainly doesn’t (and shouldn’t) when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Yet, many marketers still find themselves sending batch-and-blast emails and serving the same ads and onsite campaigns to their varied customers.

Much of the strife and stress that exists in the marketing world today can be attributed to a one-size-fits all approach, even as brands claim to have harnessed the Holy Grail: Personalization.

But, with 95% of site visitors still anonymous, this dream seems further away than ever. There can be no personalization without, well…people, and most brands still don’t know who they’re talking to, even if they’ve paid to get them to their site time and time again.

The rampant anonymity problem causes bottlenecks at every stage of the conversion funnel, for both brands and consumers.

Let’s explore a few:

Your email list is struggling.

Today’s buying process is no longer linear, and consumers don’t just shop from one device. Watching a conversion journey, we find people researching on their phone, clicking on emails from their work computer, adding to cart on their personal laptop. In this new world, cookies, once the gold standard of personalized marketing, are now half-baked tools at best. They’re easily cleared, often inaccurate and don’t work across multiple devices or browsers. On top of that, for every one person, there are an average of three cookies. With that statistic in mind, it’s clear why marketers can’t accurately communicate with consumers in a thoughtful, personalized way using cookies.

And it’s affecting your email list. Big time.

First, if you can’t recognize your consumers and connect them across devices, you’re using your strapped marketing budget to pay to get them to your site..over and over. And when they get to your website, you ask them for their email when they’ve already provided it, leaving much to be desired in terms of UX.

Second, your list attrition is outweighing your list growth. Asking for emails at the wrong time or using the wrong messaging may mean your consumers won’t input their emails, and not knowing who people are or what they do on your site means you have to send batch-and-blast emails that will cause your unsubscribe rate to skyrocket.
In fact, 78% of consumers report that they’ve unsubscribed from a brand’s email lists because they were receiving too many irrelevant emails.

You’re not able to fully utilize triggered email.

Look, this one is pretty simple. If you don’t know the shopper behind the visit, you can’t send relevant, well-timed emails. Unless you’re Amazon, most of your customers aren’t logged in when they are browsing your site. You can’t learn or understand their behaviors and tie them to other data that you have about their purchasing habits, so you send generic emails, even to high-intent consumers.

Triggered emails generate 306% more click-throughs than other types of emails, but you probably already know this. Eventually, even that can flatline. So, how do you build out triggered emails in a way that you can scale it out infinitely?

The Solution: Identification

Identification supported by techniques like email capture actually is a one size fits all solution–able to solve all your problems by driving revenue growth through powerful onsite personalization and relevant triggered email programs.

With Identification, when someone comes to your site for the first time, you know with certainty that they haven’t shopped with you before. Armed with this knowledge, you can used well-timed email capture techniques with a fair value exchange to collect their email and add them to your CRM. For instance, Samsonite was able to increase their number of emails captured by 4X in just one month.

Sending customers a welcome or browse abandonment email, you’re able to get them back to your site and personalize their experience to reflect their previous activity–whether that be through cart replenishment or product suggestions based on sizes, colors or styles that they viewed during their first session–even on a different device.

13% of Samsonite’s total revenue now results from these emails.”

Every time they visit your site, you get smarter. You know more about what they want and how to quickly move them down the funnel, ultimately resulting in explosive revenue growth and increased customer loyalty.

With identification, brands have the ability to market more effectively across devices, channels and sessions through hyper list growth (10-12X) and unprecedented accurate triggered email. Effective marketing like this allows companies to minimize their efforts and maximize their profits in the end.


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