Reaching Your Visitors Just Got So Much Better

Introducing two new products from Wunderkind to bring your visitors back to site.

In the one second it took you to read that title, you probably received an email from a consumer brand. In fact, the average consumer receives around 121 emails per day. And with all these distractions, it’s getting tougher for brands to stand out in from the crowd.

That’s why, today, we’re officially releasing two new tools to help brands re-engage those hard-to-reach visitors.


Push is a new member of our Triggered Communications platform. It allows brands to send messages to their opted-in visitors via browser-based notifications. Push acts as a real-time delivery mechanism that is impossible to ignore.

Our Push ecosystem starts with our best-in-class behavioral opt-ins. It uses proprietary identification technology to recognize customers and detect the moment of highest engagement to serve them relevant opt-in messaging alongside an onsite experience.

Once a consumer has opted in, brands have the ability to send two types of Push messages—all without outside coding or design help:


Capitalizing on the human tendency to react to notifications like text messages and alerts, Push puts a brand’s messaging directly in front of their visitors at the right time, driving them back to site and getting them to convert at higher rates.


Catalog Modules, a new feature of our triggered email product, helps marketers utilize urgency, scarcity and social proof to market effectively to their visitors via changes in their product feed.

By monitoring any changes in products or inventory, Catalog Modules allow brands to send three new emails that drive customers back to site, even if they haven’t engaged in up to six months:

With these three new email modules, we’ve seen the lowest unsubscribe rates and highest opens for all our clients across the board.


With Web Push and Catalog Modules, marketers have at their disposal two powerful tools to add to their stack. Email and Push will break through the noise to drive retention and continual purchases, ultimately growing revenue and inspiring brand loyalty.



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Kate Braner

Kate Braner leads the Product Marketing division at Wunderkind as Senior Product Marketing Manager. She is responsible for bringing all Wunderkind products to market, as well as creating messaging and collateral for existing products.

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