Wunderkind Partners with Contentsquare to Drive eCommerce Personalization

Wunderkind, the leading performance marketing engine, has partnered with Contentsquare, the global leader in digital experience analytics. Combining Wunderkind’s capacity to drive one-to-one messaging at scale with Contentsquare’s digital experience platform will provide marketers and brands with an unparalleled understanding of user behavior. Read on to learn more about the partnership and how it empowers businesses to offer highly-personalized experiences and drive eCommerce growth.

Wunderkind’s Strategic Partnership With Contentsquare

This strategic integration with Contentsquare allows eCommerce brands to drive marketing campaign optimization by uncovering in-depth insights into the behavior of users identified by Wunderkind campaigns. With more than 50 mutual eCommerce customers, brands such as UrbanStems, Tumi, and Hugo Boss can leverage Contentsquare to determine the specific shopping behavior of users that engage with Wunderkind campaigns and use that insight to make site changes and optimize the shopping experience, ultimately driving increased revenue.

Michael Osborne, President at Wunderkind, stated, “Wunderkind’s expertise in helping brands achieve greater customer engagement and revenue, combined with Contentsquare’s proven success in understanding the user experience, will undoubtedly empower brands to make more informed, strategic and data-driven marketing decisions. We are excited to deliver an even greater understanding of site traffic and customer behavior to our valued clients through this partnership.”

Founded in Paris and with offices around the globe, Contentsquare aims to make the digital world more human and has enabled over 850 brands to drive business growth by improving the customer experience. Its AI-based digital platform provides rich, contextual insight into customer behaviors, feelings and intent.

Gilad Zubery, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Partnerships, Contentsquare, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Wunderkind and combine our respective industry expertise to improve the customer experience, deliver even greater value in personalized messaging, and fuel the understanding, trust, and creativity brand marketers need to win in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Empowering Brands to Tailor and Optimize the Shopping Journey

By teaming up, we’re giving eCommerce brands the ability to better understand customer behavior driven from Wunderkind campaigns through detailed, in-depth insights, giving them the knowledge they need to drive eCommerce personalization, and ultimately improve the overall shopping experience.

Through this integration, Contentsquare collects the Wunderkind Campaign name for each visitor session driven from a Wunderkind campaign so that brands can create segments to understand how visitors from these campaigns behave differently from those who came from other traffic sources.

Let’s dive into some of the key benefits marketers and eCommerce teams can look forward to:

  • Tailor the shopping journey to specific users: Create segments by Wunderkind campaign to spot differences in their journeys, what content elements resonate, or if they experience hesitation or confusion. Powerful AI technology shows you every anomaly, bug and performance issue, enabling you to troubleshoot errors and identify areas for improvement faster than ever before. These insights allow you to eliminate sources of frictions for high intent users, like those identified by Wunderkind, driving increased eCommerce revenue.
  • Evaluate and optimize campaign performance: Uncover the ROI and revenue driven from campaigns by analyzing conversion rates and revenue from each Wunderkind campaign segment. By optimizing Wunderkind campaigns with these insights, marketers will be able to drive even greater customer engagement and revenue.
  • Increase personalized experiences: Surface opportunities to improve or personalize the digital experience for your visitors that arrive from specific campaigns. Advanced customer journey analytics map out how visitors interact with your site from start to finish, session replays show you exactly what action a visitor took on your site and when, and zone-based heatmaps visualize how users interact with each page and how it impacts their behavior. This empowers marketers to take the guesswork out of conversion rate optimization and optimize the customer journey across their websites and apps more effectively than ever before.

The partnership between Wunderkind and Contentsquare gives brands the power to understand their customers on a whole new level so they can drive eCommerce personalization. The Wunderkind Contentsquare integration is now live and available for our customers to use.

Ready to drive eCommerce growth? Wunderkind generates $2.8 billion in revenue each year for top eCommerce brands like Uniqlo, Sonos and HelloFresh, often ranking as a top-3 revenue channel in their own analytics. To find out how Wunderkind can help your business grow and drive significantly more eCommerce revenue, visit https://wunderkind.co


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