Astley Clarke | case study

Jewellery Brand Astley Clarke Drives 3x Increase in Data Capture with Wunderkind


increase in 1st-party data capture (email)


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind (7.8x ROAS)


paid revenue channel in Google Analytics


70% of traffic to our site is new – so it’s incredibly important, given rising acquisition costs, that we capture that traffic and get those visitors into our email broadcast funnel. We partnered with Wunderkind to complement and improve the efficiency of our top-funnel marketing activity – and they’ve helped to significantly increase our ability to identify and capture new traffic.”


Against a backdrop of rising CPMs and diminishing returns from traditional digital marketing channels, Astley Clarke was keen to focus on driving better quality, more qualified traffic, while also growing its owned audiences. The jeweller partnered with Wunderkind to enable it to better identify new and returning customers, aiming to capture a higher proportion of new website visitors and increase revenues through triggered email marketing.


By partnering with Wunderkind, Astley Clarke was able to grow its addressable first-party database significantly – from capturing an average of 10-20 emails per day, up to 50-80 emails per day post-implementation. Wunderkind’s triggered email programmes, which include abandonment and price drop messaging tied to user behaviour and intent signals, have helped drive 7.3% of digital revenue for the brand.


Astley Clarke has unlocked real scale in its first-party database with Wunderkind, seeing a 300% increase in email capture rate, while driving 7.3% of digital revenue through Wunderkind-powered email, representing a 7.8x ROAS. Scott Thomson, CEO of Astley Clarke, said: “We’ve been delighted by the account management quality from Wunderkind – it’s been attentive and considered, and the team genuinely has the best interests of our brand and sales at heart.”