Crew Clothing | case study

Crew Clothing unlocks 3x growth in purchases by partnering with Nest & Wunderkind


of total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


increase in purchases from new customers due to Nest paid media optimisation


growth in triggered email revenue with Wunderkind, compared to previous solution


By capturing data and using it to nurture consumers, we have been able to provide a personalised shopping experience that keeps shoppers coming back. The data we gather through Wunderkind allows us to tailor our content and promotions to the individual needs and interests of each customer. The result is higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and a greater sense of connection between Crew and the customer. The combination of Nest’s strategy to scale traffic from untapped audiences using paid social, alongside Wunderkind’s optimised conversion of traffic, allowed us to scale our brand’s online channels efficiently.”


Leading British lifestyle brand Crew Clothing were looking to generate the most efficient growth from their online channels. By working together with Nest for their paid social channels and Wunderkind for their first-party data capture and email marketing, they were able to unlock significant traffic growth and improve the retargeting of their existing customers.


In 2022, Crew signed Nest as their partner for paid social. From early on, Nest saw an opportunity to scale new customer growth and raise awareness of the brand to new users. Previously, Crew had been allocating a significant proportion of their paid social spend on targeting at the bottom of the funnel focusing on retention and retargeting. This meant that they weren’t making the best use of paid social for prospecting and were losing out on customer acquisition essential for their growth plans.


Nest shifted budget allocation to find the brand’s next best customers. With efficient media buying and creative strategy, Nest was able to ensure stable revenue and protect the long-term health and sustainable future of the brand, generating 3x more purchases from new customers.


With Crew’s paid social activity now focused on acquisition instead of retargeting and scaled up volume, the retailer was looking to optimise efficiency in their new traffic. This led them to Wunderkind, the market leader at closing the loop at bottom-of-the-funnel. By partnering with Wunderkind, Crew was able to identify a greater proportion of its non-logged-in website traffic, while implementing entrance and exit capture mechanisms to grow its addressable first-party customer database.


By deploying Wunderkind’s Identity Network and on-site behavioural triggers, Crew significantly expanded the reach of their triggered email programme – enabling them to send personalised, 1:1 messages, at increased scale, based on intent signals including category, product and cart abandonment. The result was a 148% increase in revenue generation performance compared to Crew’s previous solution.