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Wunderkind Drives 14x Surge in Revenue for Global Car Rental Giant


of digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


paid channel in Google Analytics


lift in triggered email performance


"I am constantly being offered these ‘amazing solutions that are going to solve everything,’ but almost always - they fall short. This isn’t the case with Wunderkind; they consistently double the performance they promise.” ”


A leading Global Car Rental Provider faced a challenge in boosting website growth, optimizing email capture, and addressing reservation abandonment. With ambitious growth targets, they sought a strategic partner capable of efficiently enhancing these critical acqusition and retention strategies.


Overcoming stagnation in website expansion required improving user experience, streamlining navigation, and bolstering conversion rates. Simultaneously, optimizing email capture aimed to establish a more robust communication channel with their potential customers. Addressing reservation abandonment demanded innovative solutions to re-engage users at crucial decision points in the booking process.


The collaboration resulted in a phenomenal 14x lift over their previous solution. Wunderkind’s strategies led to a significant surge in direct bookings, streamlining the booking process and boosting revenue without placing excessive demands on the Provider’s team. This generated an impressive 4.3% of the digital revenue. Furthermore, it emerged as the second most influential paid channel in Google Analytics and experienced a staggering 14-fold increase in triggered email performance.