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ICONIC London Sees 152% Boost With The Wunderkind Identity Network


lift in marketable contact opt-ins


more revenue than annual goal


lift in last click revenue


With Wunderkind's triggered email and email capture forms on the website, we over exceeded our revenue goal by 152%. Our submit rates have gone from a 2.4% to a 9.9% and our conversion is up to a 7.4%. The Wunderkind Identity Network didn't just help reach our goals; we've surpassed them!”


ICONIC London, a global beauty brand, was having difficulty identifying and understanding the diverse audience that was being driven to their site from various social media platforms. With influencers directing large bursts of traffic to their website, they recognized a need to discern who these potential customers were and how they could effectively market to them. The challenge was intensified during the COVID era, as more brands pivoted to direct-to-consumer social media marketing, creating noise in the beauty category.


In order to solve these challenges, ICONIC London partnered with Wunderkind. Together they focused on email capture strategies and triggered email campaigns to identify and engage high-quality website traffic. Wunderkind’s exceptional professional services team became an integral part of ICONIC London’s strategy, functioning as an extension of their team and collaborating on goal setting and implementation. The Wunderkind Identity Network, which includes over 9 billion devices, 1 billion opted-in consumers and observes over 2 trillion digital transactions per year,  created opportunities to send personalized messages to their customers, such as cheeky reminders about items left in shopping baskets, contributing to a unique and engaging brand experience.


With the backing of Wunderkind’s data + AI engine, ICONIC London realized truly impressive performance outcomes. Their email submit rates skyrocketed from a mere 2.4% to an astounding 9.9%, and conversion rates rose to a robust 7.4%. They surpassed their revenue goals by 105% in the UK market and by 152% in the US market. When it came to attribution and incrementality, their last click revenue with Wunderkind was a notable 6.6x lift, emphasizing the value of every customer they were now able to identify. With these remarkable achievements, ICONIC London achieved their profitability goals and solidified their place in the highly competitive beauty industry.