National Alcohol Brand | case study

WunderKIND Ads Drive Awareness and Increase Purchase Intent for National Alcohol Brand


Awareness Lift (as measured by Lucid)


Purchase Intent Lift (as measured by Lucid)


Viewability (as measured by MOAT)

The Problem

The brand approached Wunderkind looking to use high-impact creative to deliver a measurable lift in purchase intent from their existing customer base, as well as generate awareness from a younger, more affluent demographic.


The Solution

Wunderkind presented a strategy composed of high-impact, expandable creative, age-compliant targeting, and Lucid Brand Lift measurement to achieve and track the brand’s intended results. Wunderkind targeted the brand’s message across their full marketplace of LDA-compliant publishers in nine target geographies across the US. Additionally, Wunderkind considered the appropriate contextual environment to display the brand, ensuring parenting, auto, and health sites were excluded. As part of the creative strategy, Wunderkind’s in-house design studio built large format, expandable creatives that gave users the opportunity to opt-in to an immersive brand experience without leaving the publisher’s page as an added value.

The Results

The brand saw a considerable lift in awareness from prospective consumers, and a lift in purchase intent from their existing customer base. Added value viewability tracking helped prove the campaign’s effectiveness.