CASE STUDY | Natural Baby Shower

Wunderkind Email Capture & Onsite Identification - Fuel Over 4X List Growth

Natural Baby Shower is a retailer who has spent over 10 years providing parents across the world with eco-friendly products their families can trust. As they grew, they struggled with identifying enough of their site visitors to create more granular audience segments that could be used to increase triggered conversions. After implementing Wunderkind, the retailer saw their marketing list increase by 4x. They were able to use Wunderkind’s identification software to serve the right messaging at the right time, growing their triggered messaging revenue by 5.5x and leading to Wunderkind driving 11% of total digital revenue as their #2 channel.


growth in email revenue


paid channel in terms of revenue driven


total digital revenue driven by Wunderkind


Baby and Maternity


Onsite Identification

Wunderkind Products

List Growth
Triggered Email

Email is our strongest revenue source by far. The ROI we're seeing is absolutely brilliant through this channel. This is because Wunderkind helps us grow our lists and then segment our audiences to ensure the right messages are convincing the right people to convert at the right time.

Clifton Vaughan, Managing Director and co-Founder, Natural Baby Shower

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