Wunderkind + Northbeam: Home Goods Brand | case study

Wunderkind drives 17.5% of Digital Revenue with Northbeam's Insights


Wunderkind drove 93% lower CAC compared to Meta Ads


Wunderkind achieved 87% of Meta's revenue coming from new customers, but with only 5.8% of the spend


Wunderkind produced a 12x higher ROAS than Meta and 2x the ROAS of Google Ads for new customers


Incrementality, attribution, and channel spend efficiency were all prioritized challenges for the home goods brand to tackle.

In an environment where efficiency is an increasingly important focus, brands have looked to third-party attribution platforms like Northbeam to gain a more honest view of how their investments in various channels are performing and decide on future optimizations with first-party data.


The home goods brand turned to Wunderkind to scale their abandonment email program from a low-revenue driving tactic to a top revenue channel, and leveraged Northbeam to reach an unbiased measurement of Wunderkind’s performance relative to tried-and-true acquisition channels.

With Northbeam’s multi-touch “Clicks Only” attribution model, the brand was able to analyze their data while accounting for other vehicle style touch points (i.e. touch points reliant on other marketing touch points that are being paid for such as direct visits and paid search). This deterministic model provided the brand with a “Full Impact” measurement of Wunderkind as a high-performing channel.


Wunderkind’s tech and services helped the home goods brand surge from $8.6 million to $32 million in revenue, with a 5.6x Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER). Thanks to Northbeam, the brand clarified spending efficiency, distinguishing the impact of Wunderkind’s effective channels from less useful top-of-funnel expenses.

Northbeam’s attribution model also showed Wunderkind drove 240% the Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) efficiency of Google for New Customer Revenue. In comparison to Meta, Wunderkind drove 1,483% the ROAS efficiency for New Customer Acquisition while achieving the same scale of New Customer Revenue but at 6% the spend.

With Northbeam’s guidance on revenue strategies, the brand focused on their customer journey, achieving steady profits while optimizing marketing investments.