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New York Post Drives $5M Net Ad Revenue with Wunderkind’s User Experience Enhancing Ads


net revenue attribute to Wunderkind in single year


unique readers across its digital platform


years in circulation


Wunderkind fills a gap that no one else has. No one else has the technology or the ad units that you guys do, and you guys perform at such a high level with consistency and growth that you guys have been a wonderful partner on the journey.”


It’s an all-too common reader complaint that upon entering a publisher website, the user is bombarded with a torrent of shouty ads making it impossible to consume the content. The reader is frustrated, they exit the site and the opportunity to nurture and monetize that relationship is lost.


Being a paid product, The New York Post were looking for monetization all the time through advertising and our partners. WunderKIND Ads trigger only when it detects user disengagement behavior, prioritizing user experience.


The impactful, non-intrusive ads delivered unparalleled performance for the New York Times, particularly during spikes of website traffic like the Super Bowl. The team was able to attribute $5M in additional net revenue directly to Wunderkind.