Piglet in Bed | case study

Piglet in Bed Accelerates Digital Growth with Wunderkind


revenue contribution of triggered email


emails captured since partnering with Wunderkind


Wunderkind outperformed ROAS projections


What we needed was a partner that could act like a full-time employee. We needed expertise, knowledge and advice around best practice: we wanted a partner that could tell us the right way to go about elevating our approach.”


Piglet in bed, a digital-first provider of high-quality linen bedding and sleepwear, was born in 2017. Since its inception, the company has sought to become the go-to choice for natural comfort, providing consumers with environmentally responsible, elegant products for their homes. Piglet in bed’s fast-growth journey has been impressive, rising from a one-woman band under the leadership of CEO Jessica Hanley to international retailer in just four years, but as is often the case, rapid expansion brought with it new challenges. Despite seeing positive results from a combination of marketing tactics including email, PR, paid social ads and leveraging of customer reviews, Piglet in bed CMO Jake Newbould recognised that, for the brand to scale sustainably, it needed to introduce a more sophisticated and powerful email automation journey.


While Piglet in bed’s combination of marketing and advertising tactics was performing well, it was clear that the company could be taking fuller advantage of increased consumer interest and traffic levels, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic drove up demand for comfortable sleepwear and homeware. A core ambition was for email to account for a greater proportion of digital revenue, but it was proving difficult to get above a 10% plateau using Klaviyo’s ESP alone, and with limited in-house resources. Piglet in bed engaged Wunderkind to collaborate with a specialist technology partner with best practice expertise in email capture, personalisation, and automation.


Piglet in bed has long understood the value of owning its audience, but prior to working with Wunderkind, two of its key challenges were maximising consumer data capture and using it in the right way once collected. Working with Wunderkind, Piglet in bed is now able to capture consumer information at various on-site touchpoints, at different stages of intent, and via an array of prompts – and then send triggered email and text message communications based on the customer’s browsing behaviour. The consumer benefits from personalised product updates, while Piglet in bed is able to grow its owned database, and better segment its audience. “The catalogue modules have dramatically improved our conversion rates,” Jake says. “Now that we can inform consumers when items are out of stock, close to running out, or back in the warehouse, we can capture a lot more demand. We’ve opened the floodgates to more consumers, we’re bringing in more revenue, and we’re doing it while building an audience for the future.”

“Owning an audience is far more valuable than renting one. Not only can we ensure consumers receive content and offers that align with their preferences, but we feel somewhat less reliant on excessive digital retargeting expenditure with the likes of Google and Facebook when their auction prices can experience such volatility. This is preferable from both a cost management and customer engagement perspective.”

“Because of our ability to capture data, we’ve also been able to introduce text as a communications channel, and that’s delivering fantastic results for us. We’re particularly proud of becoming Wunderkind’s first UK Text Messaging partner.”