Renowned Airline | case study

Airline shifts post-pandemic marketing strategy to prioritize customer loyalty & bookings


Drove a Completion Rate 4% above the benchmark


Saw an Interaction Rate 5.5x above the benchmark


Attention quality was 36% above the benchmark


Great stuff, the clients are so impressed with the ad engagement metrics, but also clicks to site.”


For this airline, while revenue was the ultimate goal, they wanted to focus on driving awareness and sign-ups for its loyalty program and credit cards. This campaign aimed to target two different groups of traveller types – business/luxury and leisure.


The airline leveraged Wunderkind’s expandable units, which deploy as high-impact ads and then expand, taking over a user’s device screen. The Wunderkind units showcased the value of signing up for a members card (such as upgrades, ComfortPlus, and food & beverage rewards) and were strategically designed to drive awareness and consideration among leisure travelers. For the targeting strategy, the media team applied scalable data to target ages 25-54, $75K+ HHI, who have taken a trip in the last 12 months, along with business and leisure travelers. The creative strategy involved Wunderkind’s design studio creating two sets of creative assets to draw consideration from two different mindsets of travelers (business/luxury and leisure). Wunderkind created videos with branded skin and expandables which displayed imagery for both types.


On top of the strong Completion Rate, Interaction Rate and Attention quality, which were all above benchmarks, this campaign also drove a CTR that was 2.4x above benchmark.