Tamara Mellon | case study

Tamara Mellon: Driving Mid-Funnel Growth with Wunderkind


paid channel in terms of revenue driven


of revenue driven by Wunderkind this year


lift in performance over previous solution


Our email marketing goals all tie back to overall business metrics. Wunderkind is a natural fit to help us grow our email channel and meet our company revenue goals.”


A key challenge the brand faced was balancing brand and performance campaigns. Having experimented with a range of upper-funnel awareness channels, including connected TV, podcasts, and social media, they quickly realized they needed a better way to identify and remarket to their site traffic.


Thanks to Wunderkind technology, Tamara Mellon was able to: Identify much more of the site traffic generated by their awareness campaigns; turn email into a high-revenue performance channel; re-engage current and new customers with a holistic email remarketing strategy.


Through their partnership with Wunderkind, Tamara Mellon can now finally feel confident in their ability to recognize and sell to the people behind the site traffic. As a result, the forward-thinking DTC startup plans to increase its investment in awareness-based advertising. This will take them even further on their growth journey and their mission to redefine luxury fashion.