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Premier Vacation Flights Brand Transforms Revenue Attainment


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A leading travel and hospitality provider faced challenges in identifying and efficiently targeting their logged-in site visitors, constraining their retargeting strategies. This limitation impeded their capacity to maximize revenue across their owned channels, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. Given the prolonged decision-making process inherent in travel purchases, spanning a booking curve of 30-90 days, they sought a solution capable of engaging users consistently throughout this extended planning phase. They would require a comprehensive approach that could track and engage users across touchpoints, offering personalized recommendations and incentives at various stages of the travel planning journey. By leveraging data analytics and crafting tailored content, they aimed to enhance user engagement, prolong interactions, and ultimately drive conversions, recognizing the significance of nurturing relationships during the extended consideration period to secure bookings and maximize revenue opportunities.


Utilizing first-party data, Wunderkind transformed the brand’s strategy in engaging visitors planning extensive trips. Introducing personalized, high-performance emails expanded the reach to a larger audience. This strategic shift enabled the brand to retarget valuable site traffic throughout the entire customer journey, reaching potential customers whether they were poised for immediate bookings or planning for future travel. Importantly, this approach maintained the brand’s voice and integrity, ensuring effective communication without diluting authenticity.


The results were transformative. Integrating Wunderkind led to a substantial increase in identifiable traffic and retargeting pool size, marking a 4.7% surge in email sends. However, the real testament to success lay in the staggering 12x increase in revenue compared to their previous triggered email solution. Notably, this surge in revenue was primarily attributed to the brand’s newfound ability to engage users within the booking curve, encouraging direct bookings on their site rather than through OTAs. This success story highlights Wunderkind’s pivotal role in streamlining the booking curve for the nation’s largest provider of nonstop exclusive vacation flights, resulting in quicker conversions and a remarkable boost in revenue.