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Yours Clothing Deanonymize Website Traffic and Increases ROI by 10x with Wunderkind


ROI promised and exceeded


years delighting customers both online and offline


brands specialising in inclusive fits


Wunderkind’s revenue guarantee is kind of a no-brainer for us. It's almost like a no risk policy and we're really happy to go ahead because either way it's working in our favor.”


Yours Clothing were spending a lot of money on acquisition through paid channels to bring consumers to their website. Unfortunately, once they were there, they had no way of identifying them or triggering reengagement and abandoned shopping cart campaigns when they left.


Wunderkind’s identity network recognized more of Yours Clothing’s anonymous website traffic and was able to serve contextual onsite campaigns to encourage conversion as well as trigger cart abandonment emails to bring them back to the website to finish their purchase.