UK: The Untapped Potential of Text

Text messaging isn’t new. We’ve all been using text for decades to send short, speedy messages to friends and family. Text is convenient, efficient and direct – it’s a no-frills, effective means of communication. This makes text a perfect marketing channel.

So, why aren’t brands using text to the same extent as email?

In this whistle-stop guide to text message marketing, we highlight the benefits of text, break down how it should be deployed, showcase what a successful text campaign looks like, and demonstrate how Wunderkind can help you achieve your text marketing goals.

Download the guide to discover:

  • Why text is emerging as a high-performing revenue channel for e-tailers, accounting for up to 10% of digital revenue
  • The different types of text message marketing and when to use them, from promotional to conversational
  • Simple tips to make your text messages more effective and personalised
Download the Guide
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