Wunderkind values humans who enhance our culture.

Our products unleash individuality and drive Undeniable Performance, and that is exactly the mindset we have toward our employees. We look beyond the “checked boxes,” alma maters, and the in-crowds for people with diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and perspectives that march to the beat of their own drum and hold themselves to a high standard in creating results.
Those are the people who truly propel us forward


Our Values

Come Hungry

This is all about mindset. Work isn’t work when you arrive with a desire to learn fast, constantly self-improve, and unleash your own potential.

Carry Each Other

We’re driven, yes, but not to beat the next person. We’re driven to have each other’s back at all times, and to keep our community welcoming, open and supportive.

Drive Undeniable Performance

Everyone – and we mean everyone – at Wunderkind has a role in the undeniable growth we generate for clients. It’s the one and only reason we’re here.

Respect People, Privacy, Ideas

The “&” was left out by design — we believe respect should be guided but never be limited.

Bounce Back

Building new products, companies, and categories is not for the fainthearted. We meet each challenge with grit and gusto. And we never stop moving forward.


Benefits and Perks to Enrich Your Wunderfull Life

We believe Wunderkinds thrive when they and their families are recognized as individuals. Your Wunderfull Life is our online benefits and perks guide showcasing our diverse, comprehensive, and uniquely customizable set of benefits from the world’s leading carriers.

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View all our offeringsView all our offerings
Diversity & Inclusion
Learn about our Employee Resource Groups or as we refer to them, Wunderkind Identity & Impact Groups (WIIGs).
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