Diversity & Inclusion

Individuality is our inspiration

We all want to be recognized for who we are and why we’re different. That's why we created Wunderkind. Wunderkind’s appreciation of individuality manifests not only through our products, but through our company culture as well.


Wunderkind Identity & Impact Groups

Our employee resource groups, or as we refer to them, Wunderkind Identity and Impact Groups (WIIGs), make sure we follow through on our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Each of our WIIGs is employee-led and centered around common experiences that support Wunderkind’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging objectives.

WIIGs actively give back to our employees, our community, and our business. Wunderkind has 10 amazing WIIGs for employees to join that serve all our offices, regardless of your location.


Benefits and Perks to Enrich Your Wunderfull Life

We believe Wunderkinds thrive when they and their families are recognized as individuals. Your Wunderfull Life is our online benefits and perks guide showcasing our diverse, comprehensive, and uniquely customizable set of benefits from the world’s leading carriers.

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