UK 2023 WunderkIndex Report

For marketers and brands, 2023 is set to be the year of first-party data and owned channels.

Rising paid media costs, and Google’s impending deprecation of third-party cookies in 2024, are just the latest in a string of developments pointing to an industry-wide shift away from over-reliance on volatile third party channels. At the same time, economic pressures caused by rising inflation and the cost of living crisis will see businesses keeping a close eye on margins and putting efficiency front of mind.

All of this means that a change in marketing strategy – balancing the scales and pivoting to maximising value from owned audiences and channels – will be absolutely critical in the year to come. But how prepared is the eCommerce industry for this shift?

To answer this question, we’ve developed a new benchmark – the WunderkIndex – to get a snapshot view of industry preparedness, based on a sample audit of 99 randomly selected eCommerce retailers from a cross-section of different company sizes and product categories, spanning beauty, fashion, homeware and electronics.

Download the 2023 WunderkIndex report to:

  • Gauge retailers’ readiness for the oncoming first-party data revolution, with audit insights from 99 eCommerce websites and over 1,000 retailer emails, audited over a 6-month period
  • Understand the value of on-site capture experiences, cross-device identification, and full-funnel personalisation in the era of cookie depreciation 
  • Discover how leading brands such as Clarks & FaceGym are driving an additional 10-11% digital revenue through Wunderkind-powered digital optimisation
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