Txts.ly – Software Used to Send Text Messages

Did You Receive a Text Message?

Txts.ly was built by Wunderkind, a global software company that powers emails and texts for leading companies. If you received a text message from one of Wunderkind’s clients, it likely included a link with the embedded phrase “txts.ly.” Wunderkind’s software uses that phrase to help redirect you to the webpage that is most relevant for you (e.g. an exclusive sale or discount).

Want More Information?

If you’d like more information about the text message you received, you can reply to the text message with the word HELP. If you do not want to receive any more text messages from that phone number, you can reply with STOP.

Why Did You Receive the Message?

Our records indicate that you opted in to receive text messages on our client’s website or in store. We encourage you to check the client’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies on their webpage. Additionally, use of Wunderkind’s website and software is bound by our own Terms and Conditions, Text Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies.

Want to Contact Wunderkind?

We advise you to contact our client who sent you the message. But, if you aren’t able to make a connection, we are here to help! If we can be of service please email txtslyinfo@wunderkind.co.