How Wunderkind Drives Results Through Performance Marketing

Think you’re making the most of your marketing channels? Think again. 

What if you could unlock a new performance marketing channel that guarantees you revenue? Nice to meet you. We’re Wunderkind. 

What does Wunderkind do?

Wunderkind is a leading performance marketing solution that drives revenue, guaranteed. Brands, publishers, and advertisers use Wunderkind to grow customer relationships and revenue through one-to-one messages across their website, email, texts, and ads. 

Powered by the most advanced identity management and permissioning technology in the industry, Wunderkind drives $5 billion annually in directly attributable revenue for brands like Uniqlo, Sonos, and HelloFresh. 

How does Wunderkind drive revenue for retailers?

  • Tailored email marketing that gives the customer what they want, when they want it, based on their preferences and values. This includes catalog modules, abandoned cart emails, and personalized product recommendations. 
  • SMS and MMS tailored text message marketing, allowing retailers to connect directly with customers in their inboxes. 
  • Identify customers on-site through our bespoke Identity Network, enabling brands to effectively target and follow up with website visitors.
  • Grow first-party data lists for retailers, building powerful owned channels (often ranking as a top three performance marketing channel in our brands’ Google Analytics) so they no longer have to rely on third-party data. 

How does Wunderkind drive revenue for advertisers?

  • High-quality advertising units and creative capabilities that drive 79% viewability over a 61% industry benchmark. 
  • Post-content ads that recognize real-time behaviors and don’t pop up until after a user has disengaged with the content they’re viewing. These drive a higher attention quality of 38% over the industry benchmark of 24%. 
  • Exclusive publisher inventory, as Wunderkind works with over 300 top publishing partners in a premium marketplace. 

How does Wunderkind drive revenue for publishers?

  • 88% of consumers are unlikely to return to a publisher site that interrupts or blocks their experience, so we deliver a non-intrusive ads experience, driven by post-content ads.
  • Unique premium demand by working directly with media buyers across 200+ brands to deliver on their goals.
  • Impactful CPMs mean that advertisers bid more for our elevated performance, allowing us to deliver higher CPMs to publishers and drive increased revenue.

The problem with traditional performance marketing

Traditional performance marketing platforms offer limited scalability. For example, Facebook’s advertising costs are increasing, while there are more brands than ever competing for attention. In fact, 16% of CMOs believe that channels such as Facebook and Instagram perform below expectations. 

“There are finite resources and more brands than ever,” explains Tom Kaeding, Chief Financial Officer at Wunderkind. “It’s more expensive with fewer returns, as you repeatedly target the same audience. For many businesses, it’s becoming a cost-prohibitive way to reach people.”

The good news? Wunderkind’s technology is fully scalable. By identifying website visitors, you can start building out your own text and email lists, which leads to increased retention and conversion rates.

The power of identifying customers 

73% percent of CMOs believe they can identify 50% to 74.9% of their website visitors…but in reality, it’s closer to 5%. 

Identifying on-site visitors is key, as it unlocks a new performance marketing channel—your website. Best of all? Wunderkind does it without the use of third-party cookies. No borrowed data; it’s all yours. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Recognize new and returning website visitors using Wunderkind’s Identity Network. Know who people are, and understand their intent.

Step 2: Wunderkind captures customer data to build out first-party data lists including phone numbers and email addresses.

Step 3: Wunderkind speaks directly to your customers (or target customers) through email and text, using tailored messaging and product recommendations. 

Step 4: With Wunderkind, you’ll see increased conversion, loyalty, and retention, leading to higher revenue. 

Wunderkind turns owned channels into a superpower

We understand that:

  • Email is king: 54% of consumers find out about brand deals through email, twice that of social media ads. 
  • Your website is a powerhouse: 46% of consumers say that the most poignant driver of brand perception is the brand’s website, followed by brand-owned channels.
  • Text is on the rise: Over 54% of consumers want to receive coupons, discounts, and promotional offers via text from a brand.

What does this tell us? Your owned channels are your superpower. “It’s extremely important to build out your own lists and channels,” Kaeding says. “You can engage and interact through a multitude of channels without increased pricing dynamics—the larger your lists, the better returns you’re going to see.”

Don’t just take our word for it. “Email and text are super important for us,” explains T.R Wilhoit, VP of eCommerce at Case-Mate. “That’s our bread and butter. […] We focused more on that than anything else—driving those owned channels.” For Case-Mate, Wunderkind Text and Email combined drove 19% of their total digital revenue

Why Wunderkind is the ultimate performance marketing solution

Why Wunderkind? Because we drive results. In case you didn’t catch us the first time, we guarantee revenue. 

“We sprinted back to Wunderkind as quickly as we could [after switching to a competitor],” explains Joe Anhalt, VP of Marketing at Koio. “We’re seeing our subscriptions go back up, and our revenue go back up.” 

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