SPOKE | case study

SPOKE Deploys 1:1 Experiences to Drive a 6% Digital Revenue Uplift


increase in digital revenue vs. previous solution


increase in last-click revenue vs. previous solution


Wunderkind outperformed ROAS projections


As a brand whose offer is all about personalization, and putting customers’ unique fit front and center of our digital experiences, we wanted to ensure that this level of personal one-to-one interaction was embedded in every touchpoint of shoppers’ buying journeys. That meant looking at how we were building out and using first-party data to improve and tailor customer experience.”


Following the post-pandemic return to office life, SPOKE saw a significant increase in demand for its tailored workwear and custom-made apparel. To really capitalise on this growth – and translate increased conversions into long-term customer loyalty – SPOKE recognised it needed to grow its owned, marketable database, and also improve its ability to deliver personalised, 1:1 messaging to customers.


1:1 experiences, made possible by customer identification: By partnering with Wunderkind, SPOKE was able to better distinguish between new shoppers and existing customers; serve high-performing, behaviourally triggered email capture experiences to new website visitors, growing its opted-in audience; send 1:1, personalised emails at greater scale, based on user intent. Their focus was on cart abandonment, stock updates, price drop notifications and custom recommendations


In just six months, SPOKE grew its owned audiences by 150% from its initial target, significantly contributing to improved digital performance. Wunderkind is now SPOKE’s third highest-paid channel in Google Analytics, and has significantly bolstered the company’s total digital revenues, resulting in a 27x increase in revenue performance and a 30x increase in last-click revenue, compared to its legacy solution. “We’ve seen significant increases in our email capture and triggered email performance with Wunderkind,” In delivering 16x ROAS, Wunderkind has now become one of our most efficient channels, playing an important role in our growth.” Sullivan Gimaret, Head of Growth at SPOKE London