The Power of Performance Marketing for Travel and Hospitality in 2024

Even though 2024 will be another year where disruption is the norm, things are looking good for the travel industry. Consumers continue to prioritize experiences and travel (versus material items) and are expected to spend more on travel in 2024 than they did last year.

Travel marketers need to be ready.

If you haven’t launched a first-party data strategy, developed a plan for diminishing ROI from paid channels or planned for the impact of political ad spending on digital ad campaigns, Wunderkind can help. This guide will give you tools to:

  • Use AI efficiently to deliver personalized experiences at scale
  • Navigate the death of third party cookie trackers
  • Understand the broken SaaS model and the new marketing paradigm
  • Incorporate identity networks for better returns and organic audience growth

Conquer 2024 with performance marketing excellence that delivers outcomes that are efficient, on budget and guaranteed.

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