Forrester Consulting Study Reveals Wunderkind Drove 1,048% Increase in Revenue

Wunderkind is the leading performance marketing engine that enables brands to leverage their first-party data to scale one-to-one messages through channels they own, like email, text and on-site. Forrester conducted an objective three-year study to analyze how Wunderkind technology drives business performance and what return you can expect on your investment.

Based on Forrester’s in-depth interviews and comprehensive financial analysis methodology, Forrester found that the global retailer participating in the study drove a 1,048% increase in revenue. They saw a significant increase in e-commerce revenue using Wunderkind’s customer identification technology, personalized messaging to targeted audiences and optimized marketing campaigns. Wunderkind drove a 9X Return on Ad Spend and a 15X increase in triggered email revenue, becoming the #2 top paid channel.

Download the infographic of “The Total Economic Impact Of Wunderkind” here or keep reading this post to get an overview of the insights.

 Calculating the Total Economic Impact of Wunderkind

“The Total Economic Impact Of Wunderkind” study examines the expected financial impact a brand can achieve when they use Wunderkind. The purpose is to give clients and potential clients a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Wunderkind on their organizations and help them understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with their investment.

The Wunderkind customer that participated in the study is a global retail company with $2 billion in revenue (of which 40% is from e-commerce), five retail brands, and over 3,400 employees worldwide.  Forrester interviewed the company’s decision-makers and analyzed the financial data to conduct a three-year analysis.

 Triggered Email Grew 15X Faster With Wunderkind

The retailer in the study saw triggered email revenue grow 15 times faster compared to their previous solution and they were able to 3X their opt-in rate.

Prior to using Wunderkind, the global multi-billion-dollar organization had previously tried to use in-house development resources to identify unknown website visitors. However, these attempts yielded limited success, leaving them with a lack of customer identification and bandwidth. The campaigns were not optimized to reach the appropriate customer audience and the solution was not scalable. Wunderkind’s end-to-end solution was easy to deploy and drove scalable results, resulting in a 5X increase in performance within the first week.

The pilot began with two regional brands and easily and quickly expanded to the retailer’s entire portfolio of five global brands. The Wunderkind campaigns in the first year enabled the retailer to identify significantly more traffic, target new web visitors more effectively and triple their email opt-in growth, so they decided to double down on the collaboration with Wunderkind going forward.

Key Insights from the Study Revealed Significant Benefits

The Forrester team found that the organization in the study experienced numerous quantified and unquantified benefits from working with Wunderkind. Firstly, they saw $14.3M in revenue over three years versus costs of $2.6M, resulting in a 1,048% increase in revenue.

With Wunderkind, the global retailer was able to identify more of its previously-anonymous web traffic and engage with customers in a personalized way, at a scale that had not been possible before.

Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels, as brands engage with consumers directly without relying on costly third-party channels. However, a key challenge is reaching a wide-enough audience and ensuring messaging is relevant. With Wunderkind’s visitor identification technology, the retailer was able to increase their email capture rate by 200%, which combined with personalized messaging in triggered emails and tailored discounts to first-time website visitors, enabled the company to increase their email revenue by 1000%.

The company’s Email Service Provider (ESP) was limited to recognizing customers only once they were logged into their shopping carts. With Wunderkind’s identity network, which integrated seamlessly into the existing ESP, the retailer was able to scale triggered email performance by recognizing users in real-time. They could identify much more of their web traffic and send personalized messages based on their browsing behavior, such as notifications for back-in- stock items, cart abandonment, price drops and new product stock. This enabled them to achieve a 1,048% increase in revenue.

The company’s Omnichannel Digital Marketing Director stated, “Wunderkind’s ability to provide the incremental identification of customers to target through triggered campaigns really set them apart from competitors.”

 Working with Wunderkind Improved Productivity

Interviewees at the retailer company shared that Wunderkind has enabled its marketing teams to execute email campaigns 40% faster. As a result, they were able to free up internal resources to work on other marketing initiatives and campaigns, optimizing team productivity.

Forrester uncovered further unquantified benefits, like the white-glove service Wunderkind provides its clients. Interviewees consistently reported a strong partnership with Wunderkind and they were thrilled with the creative recommendations and dedicated client support.

An Omnichannel Digital Marketing Manager from the retail company stated, “The Wunderkind team knows we are committed to continuing our partnership with them. They have consistently exceeded our expectations with their service level and overall results .”

 Ready to Start Driving Revenue With Wunderkind?

As the costs of paid marketing channels continue to rise and data protection regulations become more restrictive, marketers are more aware than ever of the need to fully leverage their owned channels. Forward-thinking retailers are acting now to leverage their first-party data and optimize the performance from their owned channels. This is because accurate targeting and meaningful one-to-one messaging are much more likely to drive sustainable revenue and real business results.

Interested in learning more about how Wunderkind can help your organization use its owned channels to improve overall marketing and business performance? Download the infographic here or get in touch for a revenue estimate.


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