Wunderkind is Upbranding to Wunderkind

What is an “upbrand”?

Where a “rebrand” is an attempt to change your identity, an “upbrand” is an evolution—intended to take you to the next level.

Today we’re taking the first step in our own upbrand by announcing that Wunderkind is becoming Wunderkind on March 18th.

There are so many things to consider when you go about choosing a name, and a big decision we needed to make early on was what role it would play in our brand evolution. While partnering with David Placek at Lexicon on naming development, I really took the time to understand his approach and his process—taking away as much as I could from his wealth of knowledge and experience building iconic brand names.

It became very clear to me that, for us, the name had to represent our internal brand first because capturing who we are as individual people would then allow us to to effectively represent our company externally as well.

The word “wunderkind” is used to describe a phenom, a person who achieves extraordinary results relative to their peers. They are driven to set a new bar that others can strive to reach.

Every single person at our company is a wunderkind. They come hungry and drive undeniable performance every single day, not because it’s expected of them, but because they frankly don’t know anything else.

Our company is a wunderkind. It’s estimated that the average time it takes the top SaaS companies in the world to reach $100 million in revenue is about 10 years. We were able to do it in seven.

And finally, our product and service is a wunderkind. We develop products to produce two connected goals: improving user experience and driving significant revenue. Our go-to-market checklist isn’t based on features, it’s based on whether it can produce meaningful growth. Because of that, we offer results that no one else can—and we guarantee it.

I believe that Wunderkind is both reflective of who we are today, but also something we can continue to aspire to going forward. That’s an incredibly rare combination, but it had to be the case for me.

As we begin this next season in our story and thank “Wunderkind” for everything it helped us achieve, Wunderkind is the next step in our mission to unleash the extraordinary power of individuality.

And on March 18th, you’ll get to see what that means.


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Ryan Urban

Ryan Urban is the CEO of Wunderkind soon to be Wunderkind, the world’s leading performance marketing engine.